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The pitch is simple: I want to run a media criticism website that puts out 2-3 long pieces of criticism a week on my website (Creative Criticism). I am setting up this Patreon because I would like to make more consistent and quality writing and I need financial support in order to make that happen.Your money will go towards getting better equipment and more ready access to media that I would like to critique. 

I used to be about putting something out every day but I've decided I want to go for quality over quantity and it seems most of my readers are more responsive to longer pieces. All of this will be free and available to the public. I want to avoid going the ad route because I think it diminishes the overall experience and the gain is minuscule unless you produce lots and lots of superficial content to expand your page view numbers.

For each patron, I've included some rewards based on tiers of giving so that you get a little something extra for your financial support. I plan on making more tiers and goals in the future.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

James Blake Ewing
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