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Hello there!

First of all, thank you for visiting my page and even considering supporting me! Now here's something we hope you'll really like! (+50 points for getting the reference)

My name is James Brown Jr, artist and voice actor and video editor living in New York City. I also stream on Twitch, where I've had art, voiceover, game streams, and comic dubs, with content uploaded to YouTube! We also have an active Discord where I talk with my top supporters and hang out with fans!

I loved to create my own characters, voices, and stories and most importantly, I love to be a part of those stories by being the voice that brings characters to life. This love carried me through art college and into my pursuit of voice acting as an important part of my life. Now I've  moved to New York City, and reached the point where I am actively pursuing my voice over dreams while working on my own creative projects that I can share with you all!  The main goal for the YouTube channel is to ramp up to reworking and producing a hi res sprite based comedy/fantasy/slice of life series known as "Mimiru!" while creating comic dubs as the primary content on my YouTube channel, along with character voiceover demos, and more.

Patreon works similar to Kickstarter or Indiegogo, however, instead of backing with one large donation for my work, you help support a bunch of smaller projects (like comic dubs or Mimiru episodes!) By joining Team Mimiru, you pledge per video, and in return, receive sweet rewards! You can choose to pledge any amount you'd like per video, from as low as 1$ to 100$! Patreon has a "cap" limit where you can specify how much you'd like to give per month, no matter how many videos I post.

Mimiru!”, is an visual novel styled production inspired from a wide range of lighthearted stories, characters and animation, inspired by shows like “Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun,” and the Korean web animation “There She Is!!” with character concepts created as early as 2005. It's a story about the summer exploits of Kentaro the cat, Mimiru the bunny and Jay the bluebird, as they live in the town of Suntail that gets stranger with the appearance of a magic book.

Why Patreon?

When I started developing Mimiru, heck, when I started to get serious producing stuff on my YouTube in genreal, I knew that for it to work and do well, I needed the help of various talent across the board to help me as I worked on character design, sprites, script writing, video editing, audio, and more. And while I had developed a wide network of talented people that I thank everyday for being willing to help me and support me as I built this from literally nothing, I knew that to sustain it I would need to be able to build the needed resources to pay for voice acting, background design, original music, and more when needed, as well as help me improve my equipment to streamline my workload and focus more on new episodes, illustrations, and the like. I really need your help to make that happen, and that's why this Patreon was made, to continue creating fun and cute characters and stories, and to be able to support the talented people around me that have helped make this a reality in anyway I can. If we can do this, I'll may able to create additional concepts and stories alongside Mimiru! 

I hope you decide to join me and support this awesome project. But even if you can't, please share with your friends and let them know about Mimiru and her upcoming adventures, or send me a message on my Twitter or TeamMimiru's Twitter to let me know what you think! You can also join my Discord and say hi too! Even just subbing to my YouTube Channel helps a ton!

I hope that these lighthearted, funny, and cute stories help bring a smile to your face. Thanks again!
$1 of $500 per month
With this amount, it would help me greatly in living and devoting more time to creating weekly/ monthy content for you guys, and even create more concepts and stories! Right now I only can work on projects as time allows due to always looking for mroe work!
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