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What happens to a man's mind after designing Tonka toys all day? Find out as I bring you art from the future! How does that work? I'm not really sure.


Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Where's this art coming from?
If you've ever wondered what goes through the mind of a toy designer late at night, wonder no further! Get ready for an uncharted journey through the world of the fantastic by yours truly, James DonVito.

Who is this DonVito character? Despite rumors of ties to the mafia, I am actually a mild mannered Tonka toy designer. Before going full time I freelanced for many years, my clients included Walt Disney Imagineering, Warner Brothers Animation, Marvel Animation, Universal Studios, Amblin Entertainment, Mattel and many others.

So for less than the amount of a cup of coffee, you can become a valued supporter and see more art come your way. Thanks for stopping by!

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