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You'll get early access to each brand new culture donut by me. Could be a new song, could be a new painting with some behind the scenes and chatter about it.

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I want to help you all make your own things! We'll do a monthly group call and see how we can help each other with what we're working on. Any how-to tips are limited to stuff I've actually done, but general creativity issues we can always address.

I'll lead, but I won't be the only voice--maybe we can get some ongoing chitchat going in the comments or something.

Limited to 7 participants, for now. We'll see how that works.
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About James J. Barnett

Hallo! I make stuff, and have done so for a very long time. I am endlessly curious and call myself an "easily distracted thingmaker" -- I've written books; drawn comics; painted in oil, acrylic, and watercolor; written and released albums; taken like 150,000 photographs; and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting. I follow my instincts, and boy, do they wander around.

I like to create and ideally, I need a deadline and audience, however miniscule, for the cycle to complete. If I'm trying to make five minutes of diversion for you a week, well, that's good for me, too. Right now I'm doing mostly painting and songwriting/recording, but that'll jiggle around. By signing up, you're saying "go make some stuff! We'll have a look regardless of the medium." I've tried to keep my output separate but it never really worked that well, so here you go, right from the hose.

In the last while, I've found myself helping friends with photography, writing, painting, drawing, and music, and it's been pretty rewarding. I have absolutely no teaching training and am a little bit of a smartass jerk, but they kept coming back. So I'm offering how-to stuff I've accumulated in my brain about specific disciplines, but maybe more importantly the creative process itself and how to integrate it into one's life. So I added a mentorship tier, and we'll see how that goes.

I don't really view this as a fixed thing--I would expect this whole setup to mush around over time to better fit both of us. But here's where we'll start!

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