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About James Lavranos

Welcome to Patreon!
My name is James and I'm just starting this page and am completely new to this community so I am very excited to get to meet new people, get some feedback from my creative peers, and see what doors will open from the people I get to meet on this platform. I'm curious to see how this will push me to grow.

My story, short and sweet: I was always the creative type. I started off playing with a Hi-8 camcorder around 10 years old, filmed and edited hundreds of mini films as I grew up even into high school, which eventually lead to my decision to pursue film school. Now I'm a video producer working in the NYC area.

So this is what I'm up to: I'm currently studying film photography. Everything I know right now is self-taught or learned from the internet. I have no mentor. I'm simply studying the greats, using Google, and the scrolling through Insta.  I'm shooting 35mm and 120, developing it myself, and scanning it myself. Both color and black & white. Film is some truly special stuff and I believe every photographer should dip their toes into the analog world to stretch themselves. 

I plan on using this page not only to gain support while showing you what I'm creating, but I also want to give back by teaching others AND learn from others how to be a better artist.
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