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Any contributions made beyond this point, over two years after moving to Mexico, are going to be used for a journalistic project I have been planning since sometime in the first week I arrived with my beloved, but now deceased, cat Tessa.

The project is titled 'Tales From The Border', and is not merely a reference to the well guarded strip of land and the Rio Grande river that separates Mexico from the United States. It involves interviews and story time with people involved in various conflicts, both regional and international, with the goal of seeing more of the whole picture of events than we as consumers of news tend to get on a nightly basis. No political bias (not even my own), no aim except to get the truth (as subjective as it often is). To show a side of the conflicts that one rarely sees, the other side, whichever side that might be.

+For those desiring a faster, or one-time donation PayPal is your best bet.+

The plan, provided I can raise the funds in the next month or two, is simple enough. There is already interest in the project from several different sources ("interested parties" we will call them for now) but all of my journalistic experience to date is with the written word and photography (even though I have years of experience behind the camera in television, its all on the technical side of things). So I have to show those "interested parties" that I can make a compelling show, and on a shoestring budget with no margin for error. Ideally 2-3 episodes to serve as a proof of concept so that one of those larger "interested parties" will be willing to pick up the tab to produce at least one series (12-13 episodes is the goal). After that, well, lets hope the first series is compelling enough for them to pick up the show for another series, my goal is 3 series of 12 or 13 episodes a piece. Each one focusing on a different aspect of the conflicts as told by the participants themselves and those most affected by them.

Its easy to root for someones death when you don't think of them as a human being. As someone with a family, with friends, with a life beyond the conflict. Its easier to not think of your 'enemy' as a person when you know nothing about them. My aim is to show that, on both sides of any given conflict, are people. Just people.

Rarely is any conflict as black and white as WWII was (because, if I may express a personal view for a moment, fuck the Nazis, both the original flavor and their recent attempts to become more mainstream and palatable to a wider audience). In todays world the lines between 'good guys' and 'bad guys' get even more blurry with a creamy filling of moral ambiguity, so 'Tales From The Border' aims to tell the stories that exist in that blur, in the fog of war, to show the reasons why certain conflicts occur, why the people involved in them from the foot soldiers to the generals feel the need to begin or continue said conflicts. To tell the stories, both the foot soldiers and the generals, of why they do what they do, and more importantly who they are. Even if the vast majority of my subjects wish to retain a degree of anonymity.

I would love to add more details about 'Tales From The Border' right now but I have to leave some things as a surprise for the time being. Once the first episode (yes, episode, back to television I go...) and any supplemental articles for it are posted a lot more information will be available.

Trust me, I know what I'm doing. Though I admit there are times I make it up as I go, this sin't one of them. But when I do make it up as I go, I do it style.

(Note: 'Making It Up As I Go' is not a reference to dishonesty or yellow journalism, expect the truth. Interviews will be edited for time obviously, but for anyone who might question my journalistic integrity or the experiences we will have on this project the raw and uncut footage we shoot will be retained and available to any news agency that questions my integrity)

                                                                      + + +

:::In Other News:::

Below is a link to the first novel in a series I have been working on, unconnected to my journalistic endeavors. If you like conspiracies, espionage, modern warfare, diverse characters, and Lovecraftian horror, well, this is the series for you.

The series is titled 'The Subcontractors' and the first book is called 'The Liberian Incident'. Book two will be out soon, titled 'Exit Through The Gift Shop'. So for those of you, my dozens of fans, who might worry that 'Tales From The Border' will eat up all my time, relax, I will still be cranking out articles for various websites like Psycho Drive-In and writing the occasional novel and short stories. Those of you who know me know I have the perfect combination of problems for a prolific writer; I can't stop thinking, meditation and clearing my head is almost impossible, and I'm an insomniac.


1% complete
At my currently modest monthly goal I will be able to go everywhere in Mexico and Central America I need to, and not have to worry about squatting in abandoned buildings (though, lets be honest, that is always a possibility when traveling poor), pay for my food, pay the necessary bribes (Welcome to Mexico) to stay out of trouble, etc. Though really anything is appreciated. Its nice to be noticed.

More donations means more updates, more full episodes, photos, and the occasional video from some truly strange and interesting places. Ancient ruins, haunted islands, ancient-haunted strip clubs, black market... markets, and everywhere else you or I can think might make for a good story.

I also won't be limited to Mexico, so there will be all sorts of weird posts from Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and all sorts of interesting places I can find in Central America.

Not all of us are day-tripping-trust-fund-kids working as stringers and freelancers for the thrill of it. Some of us stringers have to worry about where we live or how we survive in addition to getting the story.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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