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is creating weird travelogues from Mexico, with occasional real journalism.
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About James Radcliff

Thank you so much for any contributions made to this strange adventure. Myself, my cat Tessa (who came with me to Mexico all the way from Pittsburgh), and anyone else even marginally associated with this project, thank you.

My first foray into full novel length fiction (The Subcontractors: The Liberian Incident) is now available as an Amazon Kindle E-Book and in glorious PAPERBACK form!

Both can be found at the link below!

[An Aside!]
Judging by the amount of people who read this on a regular basis I have a slight suggestion, one which will do an immense amount of good for this project: If you enjoy 'Dispatches' and find yourself reading it on a regular or semi regular basis but have not made any sort of monetary compensation, my suggestion is this, please do so. Pretty, pretty please. $1, $5, $100, whatever tickles your fancy and you can afford would be most deeply and profoundly appreciated. For those with the eternal question, all the bonuses and strange gifts offered at different pledge levels I mean those those 100%. I worked for PBS for 8 years, and a pledge is a bond. I'd still be working for them (I love PBS) had they not needed a sacrificial lamb during contract renegotiation and despite being there 8 years I had been there the least amount of time. I do my best to rely on the quality of my writing and photos to earn a living but sometimes shit goes downhill fast and you need that extra bit of help. Like how I woke up this morning to my kitchen sink exploding everywhere like a 14 year old boy who just discovered masturbation. So if anyone feels like throwing a bit of cash my way due to this new and lovely pile of shit that would be splendid.

Its not every day one burns down their life, packs their car full of the essentials, and moves to another country because the call of adventure and mental illness demand a change, but here we are. In Mexico.

I tend to update about every two days, but cell service and wifi are sometimes... spotty in Mexico, so there may be the occasional lag.

There are currently no videos of our travels available. Once you read a bit of "the story so far" you will understand why. I have managed to get into some unusual situations with people that would rather not have the strange Mestizo Americano who is already asking questions pull out a video camera. There will be video eventually, when situations allow for it.

There is also additional extra, and free, content on my Instagram account. Enjoy!

Link: https://www.instagram.com/dispatches_from_the_fie...
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At my currently modest monthly goal I will be able to go everywhere I intend to, not have to worry about squatting in abandoned buildings (though, lets be honest, that is always a possibility when traveling poor), pay for my food, pay for the cats food, pay the necessary bribes (Welcome to Mexico) to stay out of trouble, etc. Though really anything is appreciated. Its nice to be noticed.

Which means more updates, photos, and the occasional video from some truly strange and interesting places. Ancient ruins, haunted islands, ancient-haunted strip clubs, black market... markets, and everywhere else you or I can think might make for a good story.

I also won't be limited to Mexico, so there will be all sorts of weird posts from Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and all sorts of interesting places I can take my cat in Central America.

It will also allow me more time to pursue actual journalism down here. Not all of us are day-tripping-trust-fund-kids working as stringers and freelancers for the thrill of it. Some of us have to worry about where we live or how we survive.
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