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About James Thomas

Hello. I'm James Thomas. Many know me as Astonishing Sod.
I'm a writer, dealing primarily in humour, with a taste for the baroque, the disorienting, the absurd, and the unexpected. Here are some things of mine: 
  • Why the Long Joke?, St. Martin’s Press, 2016: my first book, a collection of humour writing 
  • Astonishingsodcast, 2018: my podcast, with a new episode every few weeks 
  • Humuor, issue 1, 2016: a comedy zine in the style of Army Man and the National Lampoon 
  • The New Yorker, Shouts & Murmurs, since 2014: How to Write a Sentence; So You Found A...; I Wrote an Open Letter, But the Words Fell Out; Hieronymus Bosch’s Lost Masterpiece 
  • Crimer Show, 2013-14: the first and only serialised drama, and comedy, on Twitter. A satirical “show” in text, 5 days a week, for 150 weeks 
  • Twitter dot com, since 2008: over 50 Twitter accounts, dealing in various strands of humour and drama. Notably: Terbil Draems, Crimer Show, Goggl Serch... 

Right now, I have plans for 14 40 books, 2 stage plays, 6 8 TV shows, 5 12 films, 1 2 podcasts, a column, a webcomic, more issues of HUMUOR, and countless video sketches.
 Some are complete, and others are getting there. 

 Why am I on Patreon? 
  1. Job: Creating stuff takes a lot of time, effort and money. Your support is vital! 
  2. Output: The more pledges I get, the more projects I can work on. It's that simple. Once I can take care of the basics, I can focus solely on creating. 
  3. Community: I want to get hot new #content straight to the #fans. Get in touch! Discuss, criticize, request, whatever. 
Here's where you come in. Reasons to pledge: 
  1. Thanks: Maybe you've enjoyed all the things I've given away for free over the years. Maybe you appreciate the effort, the hours, the dedication, the excellent spelling...
  2. Help: Maybe you'd like to help get things made. I have tons of projects that haven't seen the light of day yet. Help me make this a reality! 
  3. Curiosity: You're wondering what's next. Only one way to find out!
  4. Pity: I'll take it. 
There are 7 pledge tiers to choose from. I look forward to working with you. Thanks! 


Website: astonishingsod.com
Twitter: @AstonishingSod
Youtube: AstonishingSod
Facebook: AstonishingSod
43% complete
If I reach this goal, I'll write a (really short) Epic Poem using a prompt from each of you.
$100/month is a big help. This will cover web hosting costs. Thanks! On to the next goal!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 145 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 145 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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