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About Jamie Nemeth

Welcome to the Nemethsphere!

Hi, I'm Jamie, a physicist becoming a software developer, occasionally observed to be playing the violin.



My YouTube channel has evolved organically. It was originally going to be a retro tech channel, but has morphed into a budget streaming tech review / PC upgrade channel, with added hedgehogs, and not just the Sonic variety. It is what it is! The channel also features a hand-picked mixture of gaming/streaming highlights, along with a pinch of comedy.

For anyone wanting to hear me play the violin, by the way, it's not exactly being kept hidden, it's just on a separate YouTube channel.



A few comedian friends started doing shows on Twitch, and eventually curiosity got the better of me! I started off as one of those people who couldn't fathom why anyone would want to watch other people playing games, instead of playing the games themselves. But once you're in through the door, you quickly realise Twitch is about so much more than that. I've found a lovely and welcoming community, of fellow Welsh and UK streamers, as well as streamers from around the world.

I play a variety of games on stream, in an attempt to catch up with nearly a decade of playing pretty much nothing, other than the odd nostalgic game of Tetris on a Raspberry Pi, or hopping on a friend's console once every couple of years. Some games I'm not getting too bad at. But others...well...

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