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About Jammin' Rabbit

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Light Novels:
  • I am Succubus! (Smut, contemporary fantasy, genderbender)
    • I am Succubus! or "When I refused to have sex with a succubus, she turned me into one!"
      Saeko Ito has only really wanted one thing in his life— to be treated as the boy he is. Unfortunately his friends, club, and even his own sister teases him and treats him differently because of his effeminate features.

      One day, his life is flipped on its head when a succubus named Mio not only transforms him into a girl, but into a succubus! All because he couldn't find it in him to "man-up" and have sex with her.

      Now he, or rather SHE, must navigate her new life as the opposite gender and find a way to transform back. But as her succubus powers manifest, so too, does her succubus aura which subconsciously attracts people to her. To make matters worse, Saeko's hunger grows with each passing day as her thirst for sexual energy begins to take over.
  • Ellori, the Ero Witch of Parthun (Smut, fantasy, monsters)
    • Ellori has recently graduated from the Witch's Academy and assigned to safeguard the young Kingdom of Parthun. Its inhabitants have been under constant attack by demi-humans living in the Weeping Expanse's vast forests-- Centaurs, goblins, and other creatures have been kidnapping women with more frequency.

      Little did she know, Ellori was sent here to be on the receiving end of the Weeping Expanse's sexual frustration that plagues its denizens.
  • Micchi Versus the New World (Isekai, action, fantasy)
    • Nineteen-year old delinquent Michiru "Micchi" Tokiwa has just become the undisputed Queen of Chiba Prefecture after conquering every high school in the prefecture. With her trusty baseball bat Sacchan in her hands, Micchi is force to be reckoned with. However, during a scuffle with her rival Yui Chigusa, the Lion of Saitama, a utility pole topples over them both.

      Micchi wakes up in another world with nothing but the clothes on her back and bat in hand. Though she soon learns that she and Sacchan are a little stronger than they previously were.

      ...and she may not be the only delinquent to have come to this new world.
  • Hot Springs Brigade! (Action, fantasy, drama)
    • The Demon Wars has ended. The Draconids have gone to slumber. Relative peace has returned to the world.
      Nestled in the Arabor Canyons a group of four elite soldiers disguised as resort employees, each with a unique and powerful ability, serve as the first line of defense to the young Kingdom of Cassun.

      A succubus, dark elf, half-demon, and half-dragon operate the Royal Cassun, a hot spring resort known for gourmet food, hospitality, and of course remarkable springs capable of curing even the gravest of wounds.

      Bear witness to these brave ladies as they defend against threats from the skies, the surface, and... the Abyssal Depths.
  • The Housewife's Netorare App (Smut, NTR, drama)
    • A married woman's descent into depravity, sexual deviancy, and lust.
      Yuina Ninomae is a 29-year old housewife whose cozy and quiet life is devoid of any excitement. On the anniversary since they moved to Shinjuku so her husband Souji could be closer to work, she works up the courage to ask him to have a child with her, and to her surprise, he accepts.

      However, when a friend introduces her to an app designed for bored housewives, Yuina finds herself embroiled in a game she cannot withdraw from. Now, whenever her phone vibrates with a notification, a chill runs up her spine. Yuina must find a way to clear this 'make your choice' game that subjects her to perform raunchy actions to herself or to people around her.

      A game in which, if she ignores, may lead to tragic consequences for Souji.

Visual Novels:
  • American University Life ~Welcome Week!~ (Ecchi, slice of life, school life)
    • A short kinetic visual novel following a freshman student at his first week in college. Join him and meet four other students, explore the campus and the beautiful Leuther Island!

      Freshman student Skye arrives at Leuther Island to attend school at the University of Leuther Island. It's like a dream. The dormitories are villas right out of a tropical getaway magazine. The dining hall is a restaurant that serves gourmet food buffet style. There's even a golf course and five star gym? What doesn't this school have?

      Wait a minute, what was that?

      ...There are only five students at this school?

      Our new students were all looking forward to their new life at college. As the only students here, how will they make the best of it? In peace and quiet? Shut away in their own rooms? Or will they discover new friendships and bonds in such an intimate setting?
  • These Cosmic Horrors are Kind of Cute?! (Horror, comedy, action)
    • A visual novel inspired by Lovecraftian cosmic horror. Meet some of the biggest eldritch names given human waifu form for your reading pleasure.

      Kai is an ordinary convenience store worker who stumbles across an eldritch puzzle box. After he unwittingly unlocks the device, an alien goddess emerges from it and demands to be fed!
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I can drop some freelance work to focus on writing part-time. 3/4th of the portion of my cut goes to rent, leaving the remaining 1/4 to commission.
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