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The books take you on a journey covering "Nosh" or bite-sized 'ideas' for you to retain.  The Genre we touch range from Business to Self-Help to Romance to Science to Personality to Philosophy.
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About Jamnosh

Thank you for (at least considering to) join the Jamnosh family. We animate great books for you and we can't thank you enough for coming this far to get to know us.

We have always been avid readers, tasting every category and genre out there. Fiction or Non-Fiction, Business or Self-Help you name it. But somewhere along the way, life was taking over and distancing us from our best friends. And our problem is not novel, as I am sure you would have faced something similar. So we created Jamnosh; for you to access these books in a more easy and consumable format. Short, Cool Videos. So that you never miss out on the amazing content ever again!

The Value that you'll be getting by being our 'Patreon' is that you can get up to FOUR Video Books a month, a dashboard to save your notes for each book you see, be part of our Email Sequence with Comics and join our Private Facebook Group.

But the crazy perks aren't what Jamnosh's Patreon Page is about. You believe in the work that we are doing and that is what brings us together. We invite you to join the Jamnosh family. This helps us continue to do what we do today and it will be an honor to have you with us :)
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I'll start going live on facebook once a month to take your wishlists on books I should be making and getting feedback on the kind of videos I should be making in the future
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