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About Jamsheed Master


We all know the answer and that is why I'm here on Patreon. It's an incredible concept and with your patronage, I can do what I've put on this earth to do: To create, to make the world that little bit more wonderful.


To create musical work that reveals itself slowly and beautifully, taking you to different worlds, where you forget space and time, and see only joy and truth and wonder. Something brave and fantastic.


My name is Jamsheed Master and I'm a composer, singer, pianist, arranger, podcaster, piano bar entertainer and all-round musical creative chap. I have a BAFTA and about 3,000 followers across various online platforms, growing by the day. My main creative adventures currently include:


My monthly podcast, where I interview creative people - authors, composers, singers, choreographers, directors - all leaders in their field. I have them walk through their creative process from concept to release. The show requires an amount of time and money to make and so far I've managed to keep it free of advertising. My ambition is to create a show that's similar to a good BBC Radio 4 show, but packs a bit more punch. Have a listen here.


I've just started writing an opera with best-selling UK novelist Jake Arnott. Best known for The Long Firm trilogy, Jake also writes for Doctor Who and other BBC dramas. The opera we are creating is a reworking of the Greek myth Narcissus. A tale of doomed love, set in a fantasy 1950s London, amid the Soho Arcadia of clip-joints and dive bars, hustlers and bad-girls, trads and mods, beatniks and rock'n'rollers. It's going to be a spectacularly colourful piece, both contemporary and beautiful.

The script will include principle characters that are currently underrepresented in opera and musical theatre. For example, I want to provide unique opportunities for trans and non-binary performers.

Things that cost money: travel, casting, hiring workshop and rehearsal space, hiring singers, filming the process, time, production staff, the shopping list is endless. Thankfully, I have a lot of friends in the industry but sadly not everything can be paid for with hugs and favours.

There are organisations that offer funding for these kinds of projects, for example the Arts Council. They need to know that I have funding from other sources as well as them, so this is were Patreon and your good selves come in. I expect the opera will happen in conjunction with a few organisations' involvement, over a few years.

It's an immense undertaking and this is your opportunity to be a part of it. Have a look in the Tiers section to see how you can become an Executive Producer of an incredible contemporary opera.


Fun fact: Somebody somewhere in the world performs a piece of music that I arranged almost every day of the year. I arrange orchestral and band charts for guest entertainers who perform on cruise ships the whole year round and there are now hundreds of my charts floating around the world.

I enjoy the process of creating each song according to the singer's vision. I also write large-scale vocal arrangements for some of the leading choirs around the world: Gay Men's Choruses of Brighton, London, New York and San Francisco.

These are labours of love, but nothing in the world compares to hearing your arrangements in concert. I want to develop this part of my output into a fully fledged business as it's something that not only pays the bills, but I can do right into retirement.


Creative ambitions require time and a lot of music stuff - a good chunk of my cash goes on studio gear. An up-to-date studio set-up is necessary to work effectively and collaboratively and produce audio that sounds great. My own studio has taken over a whole room in my apartment, but that's life for most musicians!

I have a raft of other ideas in the back of my mind - there's definitely a book or two in me, many albums of original music, a few ideas for various apps I'd like to build, the list goes on. Maybe I'll bore you with those in the future, but for now, this is me.

I really believe in the Patreon concept - I support other creators where I can - and I hope you do too. There has been nothing like this in our lifetime, but as with all things creative: it's bold and it's new and I hope I can share this fantastic journey with you.

Jamm x
9% complete
When we reach the 1K mark, I will book the first workshop date for our new opera Johnny Narcissus. This is a big turning point in the writing process, where we put it on its feet for the first time.
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