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Update Corona epidemic:
As a performing artist, all my gigs, events, festival have been cancelled, or are hanging in the air, not knowing what will happen. Also our gym is closed, so I can't even teach.
So, I've decided to do live teaching videos - as most my students are stuck at home as well - AND WE NEED OUR BODIES TO MOVE!!!

About this Patreon page:
All of my posts will be public, as I want my content to be accessible for everyone. I understand your payments as an act of solidarity towards performing artists, whose biggest strength is creating and performing in the flesh. You will not get any special treatment like exclusive posts – but you will get my sincere gratitude, AND reduced / free tickets whenever you can make it to any of my shows!

Jana Korb
is an artist (HdK Berlin), aerialist, and cultural scientist (FU and HU Berlin). She creates and produces aerial theater and narrative circus, mainly producing performances in public space. As a creator and researcher she is searching for a circus of the future.
Her research leads her to forgotten women: With Vintage! Women! Variete! she travels to the very first grand circus ladies. Frau Vladusch is a story about a normal, but extraordinary, old woman. In zirka trollop she plays with Kafka's characters. And FernNah is about the writings of radical anarchist beguine Marguerite Porète.
As a performer she worked in productions by Christoph Schlingensief, John Bock, Taylor Mac, Jill Greenhalgh, Kordula Lobeck de Fabris, Fura dels Baus, Eclair en l'Air, Sol'Air, bankleer;-and others. She produced and performed for Vaclav Havel, Horst Köhler, at Documenta, at Letni Letna, in Odin Teatret, and many more.
She is artistic director of Luftartistik Festspiele Berlin (Aerial Arts Festival Berlin), co-founder of the RAW cultural space (Berlin), and active in the Magdalena Project (international network of women in contemporary theatre).
She is now first chair of Bundesverband Theater im Öffentlichen Raum (association for theater in public spaces) in Germany.
She lives and works within the collective korb+stiefel in Eastern Berlin.

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