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I've been writing Jesus & Mo since November 2005. I do other things, too, but they are secret things.


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First of all, you don't have to pledge anything. Jesus & Mo has been free since its inception in 2005, and will remain free forever. So the only reason you might want to make a pledge (which you can cancel at any time) is if you feel that the comic is worth something to you, and you can afford to spend a little each month to show your appreciation.

For example, if you estimate that each weekly strip gives you approximately 25 cents worth of pleasure, you could pledge $1 per month. This would earn you my undying gratitude and the satisfaction of knowing your are supporting the ongoing creation of my poorly drawn blasphemous cartoons.

If you wish to pledge more than $1 per month, there is an incremental scale of rewards to add to my gratitude and your satisfaction, ranging from PDFs of J&M books, through personal signed prints, specially created artwork, all the way to a guaranteed* place in the post-death paradise of your choice. It all depends on how much you pledge. Details below.

*Not guaranteed.
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