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A single seed can do so much. Acorns protect and nurture the seed of the oak. From the smallest seeds of inspiration too, the greatest creations have come. If you decide to become an acorn, THANK YOU! Such a vital part of our creative forest. I appreciate your faith and support. Let us create and grow.

Acorns and mailing list subscribers will be the FIRST to see book cover reveals, read exclusive excerpts, and gain access to process notes/inspirations, as well as everyday regular notes on life, food, writing, creativity. Replacing the blog essentially.

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Fans of CAILLEACH~WITCH will get the fuchsia reference. 

1. Become a Fuchsia and if you're still a patron at this level by the time #Banshee goes to print your name will be listed in the acknowledgements. How cool is that? If Banshee is already in print by the time you become a patron I'll add your name to the next book, CHANGELING. 

That's my eternal gratitude for your faith and support as a patron - at least 70 years in print. :) 

2. Fuchsias will also receive all the benefits at Acorn level...

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We're firmly in Cleary country now... The powerful, magical, and mysterious whitethorn, that features strongly in CAILLEACH~WITCH is beautiful and fierce. And grows profusely where I live. 

Whitethorns have the option of a one off creativity check-up via email or video call with me. We can talk about the books, or I can answer any questions/give pointers on starting/boosting your own creativity/writing. This reward kicks in after three months of patronage. 

If you decide to become a Whitethorn patron, I thank you from the bottom of my gnarled and magic heart. 




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Dear Fellow Creatives,

I'm a working class writer, author, inspirer, and creative enabler. Wife to one great guy, mother to three great girls, living in rural Ireland.

In September 2018 I published my first novel, a modern gothic mystery, CAILLEACH~WITCH. Recommended at WORLDCON 2019 as 'a great example of modern Irish gothic fantasy.
I published my first non-fiction book, 'THAT CURIOUS LOVE OF GREEN ~ NOTES FROM A WRITER'S JOURNAL' in 2019. It was an Amazon 'HOT NEW RELEASE' in the Nature Writing category for the month of August, 2019.
I have an 89% five star rating on Amazon. 

Until now (May 2020) I've been working on two prequels to CAILLEACH, BANSHEE set in famine times in Ireland, and CHANGELING - The Ellen Cleary Story. However, the pandemic has changed my writing habit and I'm currently working on short stories and flash fiction. This is something new for me. It's working, and I'm enjoying it, so sticking with it to see where it takes me. 

Future plans include...

. A personal memoir. 
. A creativity book.
. More short stories, flash & poetry.
. More novels. 
. A cookbook. 

Over the years, I've delivered a number of Creativity Bootcamps on FB and in person workshops/coaching, helping fellow creatives find their creative stride and realise their creative goals and potential. 

In 2018 I qualified in Art Therapy practice and developed a creative writing programme WRITE YOURSELF FREE. To date that programme has been delivered through face to face, in-person workshops only. I would love to take that online at some point. 

I've created this Patreon for a few reasons...
To gather my dedicated followers in one (two, counting my newsletter. You can sign up to my newsletter here... https://mailchi.mp/b609c2263737/janegilheaneybarry) more intimate, connected, user-friendly, feel-good space. To post more freely than I can on public pages.
To post exclusively for people I know are interested, with content I know they are interested in, in the knowledge they will see it!
And hopefully, to supplement what is a tiny creators income. That freedom, faith, and security, would be the icing on the cake. And we have to start somewhere.

So that's a little of me and the work. If you decide to join me on this journey, and to help me while I'm creating and growing, I really can't thank you enough. I truly appreciate your belief and kind support. And I hope to return as much value and inspiration to you. I have some exclusive cool rewards in mind for patrons and I'm excited to get started!

Chat soon! 

Much Love, Jane

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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