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THANK YOU!  You are supporting me and I am highly grateful.  We gotta start somewhere, right??
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THANKS LOVE!  This is good...it adds on to me being able to do the work that I do!!

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THANK YA KINDLY!   You are appreciated.  10 bucks is enough for a deli sandwich at a grocery store, so I am happy that you decided to spend that cash on your philanthropic goals ;-)  




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About janet e. dandridge

ARTIVISM (art + activism) 
is art created to promote awareness, discourse, and solutions on social, political, cultural, and economic ideologies that perpetuate the removal of individual agency, intellectual development, and justice.  

WHO IS janet e. dandridge?
I AM AN ARTIVIST (a Fine Artist + Activist) creating art and actions addressing unjust economic structures, detrimental political models, and adverse societal constructs of imagery and vernacular.  My main foci is skin-tone prejudice, racism, misogyny, and classism.  I create works that foster deep thought and appreciation, primarily through performance art, conceptual photography, and immersive installations.  I am a person who truly cares about the impact that I have on society.

MY ARTISTIC PROCESS mainly involves creating projects that are long-term and guided by the personal empirical through artivism.  I believe that having the necessary time to critically examine vital topics that affect our global society provides educated solutions that can be implemented for dynamic societal shifts that improve the quality of living for all. 

CURRENT PROJECTS (projects will be added and updated via Patron-Only posts)
FLUIDITY (ongoing) is solution-based discourse facilitated by artists in an artist-talk format. Rather than expound on personal works, artists take their knowledge of social and political ideologies and myths, and converse with the public in an open format to determine artistic and non-artistic solutions/actions to resolve/shift social pandemics that affect the local, national, and international communities.

Follow These Rules: Periodic Table of Beauty (ongoing) is a chart that was created by a fictitious corporation as the basis for achieving “true beauty.” This chart speaks to the normalized idea that beauty is fair-skin, long straight hair, slim waists, large breasts, and sporty physiques. With this idea, people of all ages are coerced to believe that if they do not fit the standardized mold or have a mate that fits the standardized mold, they need to alter their appearance to enhance and/or become beautiful. The expectations placed on an individual to achieve this idea of beauty can be traumatic and possibly deadly. This work addresses the pandemic on a global scale using performance, mixed media, and pamphlets to discuss and bring resolutions to this societal problem.

We Will Not Wear The Masks
is a participatory installation using organic and synthetic materials and objects to embrace the resilience and power of individual agency and collective reconciliation. I will perform in meditation wearing brilliant royal colors, body paint, and hair pieces, embedded in a large room of masks for participants to traverse.  Also, there will be a butterfly wrangler!!  Excitement!  This work is imaginative, uplifting, and conscience-shifting.

Here's my main website.. enjoy!  http://www.janetedandridge.com/ You can review my curriculum vitae, imagery, installations, news, and link to other links via this site ;-)

Patreon is an online economic model built on the historic model of art patronage.  Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling because he had patrons that provided him with the necessary resources to create work over a long period of time.  If he did not have a place to sleep, eat, and create sketches, how could he have had the energy to productively ponder - which is a major aspect of creating art.  Artists depend on the avid collector, the appreciative audience, the curious viewer to support them...so, I'm using this platform to do just that.  To thrive and create art takes lots of money - plain and simple.  It costs to purchase materials, to assemble and collaborate with a team, to produce the work, to exhibit the work, to shop the work, to ship the work, to travel with the work.  

I need your patronage.  I am constantly working - every day and every evening (and in my dreams) on art.  Per week, I spend about 60 hours doing work (probably more) - and that's only administrative.  Let's not get started on when I go into production of my work - the research, the meetings, the studio space, the supplies, the rehearsals, the trouble-shooting, the costumes.  One outfit for one performance piece can cost upwards of $500.  One photo lens can be $2000.  Any money that I make in the world goes to my art - and the rest to my very minimalist livelihood, only getting and doing what I need to do -- although it would be nice to go out to a random party where I can buy a random scented candle for my Momma ;-)

I've chosen the "per month" patronship on Patreon because it seems like the best model for my method of work.  As I mentioned previously, my work is usually long-term, therefore a project may take months to complete, so during this time-frame, I need cash to finance the constant costs of completing the project.  Once a project is completed, you will definitely know...then I will have to secure a space to exhibit and/or perform the work - hopefully you can attend to see how much your support means to the production of my work.  And if you're not in the same city, the work will be documented.  Always feel free to ask questions regarding the progress of my work.  This is a relationship built on appreciation and trust - both ways.

All patrons will receive Patron-Only Posts...I want everyone to enjoy the work and feel great about their support regardless of their current financial situation.  That means that I do not exclude any content from any patron based on their contribution level.  Cool?  Cool.

So the aforementioned information was a mouthful, but you still might have questions and comments as to who and what you are contributing to...well, that sounds lovely!  Let's get to know each other more ;-)  Please ask me questions and leave comments.  What would you like to see as a patron?  What would you like to ask?  What if I do not have the cash each month to support, can I donate one-time only?  Feel free to send me this stuff.  I want to ensure that you are satisfied with your philanthropic desires to contribute to a meaningful movement - Artivism through janet e. dandridge.

Oh, and please feel free to share my Patreon!
Constructed to Organic from Janet E. Dandridge on Vimeo.
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