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About Janet Louise Stephenson

Introducing Janet Louise

Hola, my friends (and potential patrons)! My name is Janet Louise Stephenson and I am happy to see you here at Patreon! 

Many of you already know me, so I'll keep the introductory introduction brief. 

Born on a highway - Adopted at the age of 4 - Raised as a Mormon - Divorced - Mother of 3 Teenagers - Tall - wait, is this a dating profile? 

My perspective of the world is uniquely my own and I realized something in the last couple of years... the only thing I cannot do for myself is SHARE.

I love to share. It is perhaps my purpose in life. I see magic unfolding in nearly every moment, observe subtle dynamics, ask a bazillion questions... and then, as often as I can, I pour these insights out into my writing to provoke thought for my readers. 

I think, contemplate, ponder, wonder, meditate.
I write, describe, convey, express.
I inspire, amuse, entertain, motivate, challenge, empower.

Introducing Patreon

I'm excited to introduce you to the beautiful concept of Patreon. It's like a recurring tip jar, where you pledge money on a consistent basis to support creative endeavors... you become a patron of the arts! It's a modern throwback to the Renaissance era!

To the right, (or perhaps below if you're on a mobile device) you can see the pledge levels I have set up and the associated rewards. I am madly in love with the notion that my readers and fans can metaphorically buy me a cup of coffee or take me on a lunch date once a month. Some of you may be able to give more, some less, but the point is that this channel allows YOU to show your appreciation via moolah. 

(sidenote: that's pretty much how this works... you choose what you'd like to pledge on a recurring basis. Then I do what I do, and we're both VERY happy campers!)

To complete the energy exchange, as Patreon lets you show your appreciation, this platform also allows me to RECEIVE.

Which hasn't always been my forte'.

More About Me

I grew up with the American Dream: 40 hours of work a week, to pay for a nice house and white picket fence, complete with 2.5 kids, and someday you hope to retire comfortably and THEN get on with living your life and fulfilling your dreams.

But, I rejected this plan. 

I got divorced, left my cushy government job, and struck out on my own.  And for the most part, I've loved it. But freedom to follow your intuition, to ebb and flow as inspiration strikes... it comes with its own opportunity cost... which is financial stability.

Quite often, I am inspired to write, but my logical mind will not justify setting aside that time because there's a never-ending list of tasks I should be doing *first*. I find it challenging to freely write when inspiration strikes... because the chatter in my brain won't shush up... it constantly tells me that I ought to be spending that same amount of time in direct income producing activities - you know, where you trade your hours for dollars.

I have chosen the past 7 years to trade my hours for dollars in service to people who want to change the circumstances of their lives for the better. I do this as a  Transformation Tour Guide, where I teach, guide, and coach people to self awareness, empowerment, emotional health, and mindfulness. These are some of my favorite topics and this work is EXTREMELY rewarding for my soul. 


I am a multi-faceted being, who doesn't always write about spirituality, personal growth, and accountability. Sometimes, I'm the feminine embodiment of a 13 year old boy laughing about farts in church. I'm ridiculous, light-hearted, and silly.

I'm complicated, which much of my writing reflects... but I don't always share it. I keep it to myself because I have been hesitant to tarnish the persona I've worked to create through Butterfly Maiden. 

I've just shared a post where I describe this conflict -  I have got to stop people pleasing! I've been a hostage to what I thought my clients would expect to see from me, so that they could trust me. 

Here's the thing, though - and what affects YOU, the reader (and patron) - I'm ready to share without censorship. I've got archives of material + fresh ideas that haven't yet been shared.

My intention through the energy exchange here at Patreon is to accept abundance from you, the people who know me and love me best, as I continue to do what I do best... and that is SHARE.

My Patreon Plan

I've decided to accept patronage on a monthly basis. I'll be sharing thought-provoking blog posts, poetry, random questions, general ridiculosity, wisdom, and more. Mostly, I'll be sharing WORDS strung together in some meaningful way. On occasion, I'll share photos, videos, and whatever strikes my fancy.

You can expect to read something substantial from me on a weekly basis (maybe Tuesdays), and intermittently throughout the week, as inspiration (or ridiculosity) strikes.

Please consider pledging at your comfort level and know that I am GRATEFUL beyond measure for your support.

p.s. Here are a few links to help you get familiar with my writing, to help you decide that you'd like to become a patron of Janet Louise:

And here are a few of my favorite places to hang out on the internet:

Butterfly Maiden dot com
Janet Louise Stephenson dot com
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts