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This reward gets you a pass to hang out in my studio. I draw or paint, you come by, we chat. With the current COVID-19, you're sponsoring nearly daily hangouts on Instagram. Thank you! You also receive:
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Your name will be added to a monthly drawing to receive some of my studio trash. It may be a sketch or a receipt or even a scrap paper with math on it, but it'll be yours forever and forever! 

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About Michael Jantze

I believe comics speak to people more easily than any other form of art, with economy and accuracy, to get to the heart of the matter and do it with a laugh.

I'm Michael Jantze, creator of the syndicated comic The Norm, published daily in newspapers from 1996 to when I retired it in 2006. In 2015 I set up this Patreon to help fund its weekly publication at gocomics.com/thenorm. And now, in 2021, I will use your support to make new comics and stories, both online and in print.

In 2021, I'll focus my energy on making  new comics and illustrations.

I wrote and drew The Norm daily for 11 years, retired it in 2006, and then rebooted it as a GoComics weekly feature in 2015.

“The Norm in Color,” "Knocked Out Loaded" and “The Norm 4.0” print books are sold at Jantze.com. Ebooks are sold at the Amazon and Apple Books stores.

The Norm Classics are published at gocomics.com/thenorm and features all of the syndicated strips as well as the online work. Your support here keeps the comics there free. The strips are running 25 years to the day they were published.

A new feature on GoComics launched in 2021: The Studio Jantze page publishes occasionally as Michael finishes a sanity sketch (you can even offer a suggestion of what to draw!). Check it out at http://gocomics.com/studio-jantze and follow the page there, too. Those posts will be forwarded here with commentary and thoughts.

Occasional peeks into my process, you know: writing, drawing, swearing.  

Exclusive peeks: If you support at the $5 TIER, you also have access to my monthly studio hangouts (TIP: During the two-plus year-long pandemic, I've been doing the hangouts on Instagram more than weekly, there are LOTS of videos to watch in the TV tab).
The $10 TIER gets you on the list for my studio trash drawing (it's a drawing, not a drawing of a drawing).
The $25 TIER gets you one original piece of art every 12 months.

Random perks: For the past two years, I took some of the proceeds here and made sticker sheets of Mr. Lux and The Norm 4.0 characters and mailed them out to all paying patrons. Other perks include upgrades on book orders, and a super showering of attention.

This page an open dialogue, please stay in touch and let me know what you like and don't like. And to all of you who support me now, thank you so much!

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