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Saikou! You’re awesome! You’re an official Japanese Ammo supporter and you will get access to my Patreon-only feed. I will forever appreciate you. Every dollar makes a difference and will help us to grow. Arigatou!


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Hontou ni arigatou! You will get an exclusive reward: access to the unedited “Special Shuriken” Japanese Ammo YouTube videos. My YouTube videos are long (20-40 minutes) but you should see all the stuff I leave out! Editing these videos takes days and I remove Japanese examples, phrases, stories, and vocabulary to make the videos an appropriate length. You now get the longer videos with all the Japanes learning goodness packed in.


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Saiko!! You really rock and I am floored by your generosity. In addition to the previous rewards, you also get an exclusive Patreon-only video every month.

I will also consider your opinions first when it comes to making new content.




What Japanese Ammo with Misa creates :
Aboslute Beginners
- teaches the essential grammar and sentence structure

More advanced lessons / Lessons Focused  on the JLPT


 Japanese Phrases - the Native Way
- Are you sick of textbook phrases that make you sound foreign?
Well, learn the NATIVE WAY with Misa!

Japanese Slang

Fully in Japanese  (Reading Stories etc)
- This series fully in Japanese with English and Japanese subtitles
is a great way to get used to Japanese. Copy me and practice.

Let's Read Manga in Japanese
I read mangas I picked up and explain the grammar points and vocabulary through reading them. The videos are fully in Japanese with English subtitles. So great for those who wish to learn the grammar in Japanese.

How to say ~
- Important phrases to survive in Japan! Slang is introduced too.

Learn through Songs

☆ Easiest Way to Learn Kanji (as well as hiragana & katakana videos)
- Stroke orders, readings, and most importantly how to use them in a word and a sentence.

Why is Japanese Ammo on Patreon?

You guys rule! You asked for a way to support Japanese Ammo.
You asked for more videos. You also sent me tons of beautiful words
of thanks each day and shared your appreciation. I feel truly blessed
to have such an amazing group of friends who are so eager to learn
Now there’s a way for you to support Japanese Ammo, get more videos, more learning materials, more goodies, and my endless gratitude :)

You can now become a Japanese Ammo patreon
(although Iprefer the term ‘ninja’) and help us grow together.
At the moment, I’m just one little Japanese girl building the YouTube channel
and website on her own. I pay for everything out of my own pocket and
because there’s only one of me (and I’m not one of those anime
octopuses) it takes a lot of time to produce learning materials for you.
But with your help, I can put out more videos, more articles, and even
more learning materials.

100% of your contribution will fund the behind-the- scenes building
of Japanese Ammo.
Your contribution will fund stuff like:
- Better sound
(you guys have pointed out the sound quality issue so I went and bought a new mic)
- Animation/illustration software
(cartoons are fun and make it easier to learn)

- Web-hosting
(it costs a lot to keep a website and as traffic grows the hosting will get pricier)
- Editing software (this will help speed up production and quality)

- Japanese Ammo Crew:
As we get bigger, I’ll want to hire professional editors, cameramen, designers and so on to improve the quality of the materials

Your contribution will also help fund an exciting future for you, me, and Japanese Ammo.
Here’s a glimpse into my vision for Japanese Ammo for 2017-2019:

- Textbooks:
good textbooks that actually teach natural Japanese in a fun, easy, and exciting way

- Interactive subscription website with exclusive login-in area
and tons of original online learning resources

- A professional documentary video series
exploring Japan while teaching you Japanese

- More videos.
I currently release 2-4 videos per month. With your support, that number will triple.

- More engagement with you guys.
Stuff like live webcasts and meet-ups.

- A manga/anime series
that has a totally awesome story AND teaches you Japanese.

- A quarterly subscription box
that includes tons of Japanese goodies handpicked by me.

With your help, we can make this happen.
You guys have already shown how awesome you are by sending me kind messages, sharing
the channel (the YouTube channel has grown from 1,000 to 10,000
subscribers in just one year), and asking for ways to help.
Become a patreon and you’ll be responsible for helping Japanese Ammo provide even more value.
You’ll get exclusive goodies depending on what ninja reward you choose.
And you’ll be forever in my heart.❤
Thank you so much for your support.  
It means a lot to me and the growth of Japanese Ammo is thanks to you.
Let’s see if we can grow it even more!

Lots of love,
Misa xxxxxx
100% complete
When we hit this amount, we'll be able to invest in the audio and visual equipment and hire the talented people required to launch high quality Japanese Ammo textbooks, resources, and online VIP learning dojo. Video uploads on the YouTube channel will increase to 5+ videos per month (we will also reshoot and revamp the current back catalogue of videos).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 237 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 237 exclusive posts

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