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If you’re here, then you’ve probably listened to my podcast, The JTrain Podcast, or we’ve watched The Bachelor together over twitter, or I’ve given you some form of dating advice over Snapchat, or you saw me do stand up, or you’ve read one of the many columns I’ve written over the years. So you’re holding my rookie card or you’ve explained to a friend, “Ya, he’s called JTrain. It’s stupid but he’s kind of funny and, for whatever reason, he gives some pretty good advice.” What I’m saying is, we’ve probably connected in a number of different ways. And that’s why we're here on Patreon.

I’d like to do more with you guys and this platform allows me to do that. I’d like to answer more of your questions. Write more rants about dating and relationships and Ford commercials. I’d like to make more videos and write more coffee thoughts. Consider this site the JTrain Country Club. Come on in and take a dump while you read about a new wine called “Fit Vine” (it’s a wine that gets you in shape I guess and that bothers me). Or check out bonus episodes of the JTrain Podcast with special guests and interviews. Or send me a question that you know, for sure, WILL get answered. This is where all of that stuff is going to happen. This will be our place to talk about the luxury issues that you’re afraid to bring up at brunch. Rest assured my podcast will remain free, but by supporting me monthly through one of the rewards I'll be able to do what I love and create more for you guys. Thanks in advance.

- JTrain

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