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My eternal gratitude! 

- Special Patron discord role on my server

- Access to a special Patron channels

- Credited in my mod change logs and in game credits list

- Your name can be pulled from a list of all my patrons and thanked when CraftTweaker scripts are reloaded.

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- All the rewards from previous tiers.

- Access to pre-releases of most of my mods.

-- I will not hold bug fixes from the public, pre-releases will  primarily be for big content updates.

~~more to follow~~

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About Jared

Hi there! I'm Jared and I make mods for the game Minecraft!

I've made quite a few mods, a full list of them can be found here, but the most prominent mod that I have made is CraftTweaker, if you haven't heard of it, here's a quick intro:

CraftTweaker is the main mod that modpack authors use to create their packs, if they need to make any change that isn't covered in config files (such as changing recipes), they use CraftTweaker. If you have ever played an expert or themed modpack, you have used CraftTweaker!

Why should you support me?

The most obvious reason for why you should support me is simply because you enjoy the mods that I make, and would like to support me in making those mods.

Another reason why you should support me is because I spend a majority of my free time working on something Minecraft related that will benefit the community, be it creating new mods, working on current ones, or simply working on other Minecraft related things (such as discord bots or programs).

$50 – reached! per month
At this goal, I will strive to release at least one new text based modding tutorial every month, ranging from subjects such as setting up a modding environment, to advanced subjects such as an intro to rendering and shaders!
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