Jared Vencl

is creating Sculptures, furniture, art
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About Jared Vencl

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by my Patreon page where you have the opportunity to assist me in my creative endeavors. Many famous artists of old had sponsors or patrons who assisted them financially and even today sites like this make it easier to help artists truly tap into their creative talents and reach the goals they envision. By now you've probably seen some of my work and perhaps know of some of the minor successes I've had but what's not so apparent is the incredible amount of striving, trial by error, tremendous investments of time and money spent on projects that don't always turn out as expected or the lack of time due to working another job, the stresses of life that lead to creative blockages...the list goes on. It's not easy starting a business, one could argue that an artistic business is even more challenging. That being said, I know this is what I'm here to do, at least a part of it. I don't do what everyone else is doing, I have incredibly unique visions of large scale sculptures; wood, metal, glass, minerals, lights, water... creations of such beauty, the likes of which have never been seen before. So I'm hopeful that those who are able to, will help me to realize my dreams and allow me to more fully and completely engage in the work I came here to accomplish in bringing beauty and inspiration to the consciousness of humanity. Thank for your support, it is most appreciated, God Bless you all.