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About Jars Drawings

Hey there, my name is JR and draw.

I like to draw all sorts of things, but recently my calling has been illustrating highly detailed, creepy, corrupted, sometimes majestic, eldritch renditions of beloved childhood characters. This includes, but is not limited to: Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes, video game characters, and many more in the works...

If you like what I do, please feel free to support me through this page. Patron tiers include:

  • Access to behind-the-scenes posts where I share drafts
  • Full time-lapse videos so you can check out my art process
  • Brushes & photoshop files
  • Influence on my next piece through community polls
  • Your name/initials hidden somewhere in my drawings :)
  • Physical postcards sent to you each month!

My dream is to release an illustration book featuring all of my lovely creatures along with their written lore. Your support will help me accomplish this one day, so thanks in advance!

Much love,

HOW IT WORKS (as taken from fellow artist Djamila Knopf)
If you decide to support me, you won't be charged immediately. If you sign up in the middle of July, you'll be first charged at the start of August and then will receive the rewards via direct message, blog post, or shipment depending on your tier level!
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