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About Jashin

Hello, I'm Jashin.
I'm an adult fiction writer, video editor, and Japanese translator. 

I've been writing and doing translations professionally and as a hobby for over 6 years. Most of the things I post here are here are Femdom, Thick/Mature ladies, "SS" (women who like engaging with the younger lads) and Futanari or Femboy hentai translations, as well as adult fan art of western series I enjoy and adult writings.

Spending so much time writing, translating and commissioning art for my projects really eats into my wallet. With your support I'll be able to produce more writings and translations, finish my projects much faster and at higher quality.

I'm also currently working on a Goofy Movie themed adult visual novel that I hope to release in the near future.

You can also check me out on Newgrounds: https://jashinslayer.newgrounds.com
Thank you very much.

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Each month I will take H manga translation suggestions from patrons and hold a poll then translate whichever manga wins the poll.
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