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Thank you. When you pledge $1 or more (you don't have to stick to the $1, $5 or $10 amounts), you get the following:

  • Instant access to all my private creator posts, past and future. You'll get my news before anyone else and see stuff I mightn't post publicly, plus my various regular updates and check-ins. This content will include posts about my writing process and my thoughts on writing in general. 
  • Whenever it's humanly possible for me to offer early access to my patreons, you see my Early Access posts, which mainly show you my new YouTube videos and main newsletter articles, sometimes days early. 
  • Your name goes in a special thanks list on a Patreon page at JasonArnopp.com for the duration of your patronage.
  • An automatically-playing welcome video from me, addressed to all new patrons. 
  • The knowledge that every single dollar helps me to support my nearest and dearest, grow my YouTube channel and make me happier and more secure.


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How very cool.  When you pledge this amount or more (you don't have to stick to the set tier minimums), you get the lowest tier's VIP benefits, plus the following:

  • As soon as possible after you sign up, I'll PM you a link to a personalised thank you video, just for you. 
  • In every new video I make for my retro YouTube channel while you are a patron, you will be given special thanks by name in a written onscreen caption at the end of the video, for at least several seconds. Immortality: unlocked! 
  • After your first six months of patronage at this level or above, I'll send you a personally-scribbled-on seaside postcard from me in Brighton to celebrate the first half-anniversary of your support! I will then send you a grateful postcard every further six months for the duration of your patronage. (See $10 tier for an extra special option concerning this card!) 
  • Your name will feature in a dedications list in every new edition of my fortnightly newsletter The Necronoppicon.
  • If you like, your name on my site's Patreon page can be linked to the personal social media account of your choice. Just DM me and give me the URL.
  • If you happen to subscribe to my free motivational newsletter Jason Arnopp's Sunday Confession Booth, you will receive a guaranteed response from me within 24 hours, whenever you reply to the newsletter to tell me how your week went (barring some kind of emergency in my world, etc!)   


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Woo! Thank you.  When you pledge this amount or more (you don't have to stick to the set tier minimums), you get the previous tiers' VIP benefits, plus the following:

  • Remember that postcard $5 patrons get every six months? At this level, you can choose to have it written by any of my characters. As default, this will be the ghost of Jack Sparks, unless you message me here on Patreon to tell me otherwise.
  • Are you a writer or other creative? You get to privately ask me one creativity-related question every month. Just send me a direct message right here on Patreon, making the question as specific as you can, eg, "What's the best way for me to approach the opening chapter of my novel?" and not "How do I write a book?" :)
  • Not only will you receive a special thanks in every new YouTube video I make for my retro YouTube channel, but your name will be at the start of the list, along with your fellow patrons at this level. 
  • In my newsletter dedications list, you are not only thanked, but your name is hot-linked to the business or personal social media account or website of your choice, for the duration of your patronage. Just message me here on Patreon to tell me the URL and I will make this happen.
  • The above also applies to the thank you on the Patreon page of my website - now you can link to a business page.
  • If you include your Twitter info in your Patreon profile, I will publicly sing your praises in a tweet that mentions your @username.





Patreon is a platform that enables people to heroically support creators' work, while gaining access to a private membership area containing exclusive content and access.

On Patreon, you can back a creator with a recurring monthly pledge, thereby becoming the creator's 'patron' and taking your place in a growing, private community.


When you join my new VIP cult – sorry, cough, I totally meant to say club there – here at Patreon, you can access my private creator posts, which offer early access, first news and exclusive, private stuff. You may also receive added benefits associated with the level (or 'tier') at which you've chosen to pledge. And we can actually talk, you and I, free from all algorithms and filters.

Behind the towering walls of my membership compound, you'll find patron-only info, chat and content. For instance, in June 2020, I had a whole week of daily posts, in which I offered my beloved patrons something different every day. These things included:

  • A PDF of my short story The Nothing Men, which was previously only seen in the 2018 US anthology Resist: Tales From A Future Worth Fighting Against.
  • Blogs about my personal life and a recent experience in lockdown.
  • A YouTube blooper reel
  • An Ask Me Anything Q&A.
  • Not only early access to my latest YouTube video, but an extended version for patrons only!
  • Private notes I wrote into a text app on my phone, during the creation of my 2016 novel The Last Days Of Jack Sparks.

Pretty cool, huh? You can see all this stuff if you pledge.

In addition to you receiving this kind of exclusive content, your patronage will also help me to: 

  • feel more secure as a writer of frightening fiction (a fun career, but one whose financial instability is, aptly, terrifying.)
  • grow and improve both my YouTube channels.
  • support my family and other people close to me. This one, in particular, means the absolute world to me - especially in this bewildering current era in which we find ourselves - and I consider my patrons to be major deities.

I'm already excited to have launched a new private cult (goodness me, why do I keep saying that?!? Club!). Let’s build this thing together! The bigger it gets, the more goals I’ll hit and the more time I can devote to keeping my patrons happy and pampered and scared out of their wits.

Still reading? Maybe browse the various pledge tiers I’m offering and pick one that shrieks loudest to you. Patreon takes my patrons’ payments on the first day of each month and you can opt out at any time (or edit your pledge level), safe in the knowledge that I love you for having backed me for however long you were able. You don't have to pledge the precise amount quoted on each tier - think of the various levels as minimums for that tier and that set of perks. One creative patron pledged $6.66, for instance, and so receives all the perks associated with the $5 tier, but not the additional madness available at the $10 tier.

I can't tell you how much of a surprised thrill it gives me, whenever anyone signs up to my Patreon. ESPECIALLY during these uncertain times. I will do my best to repay you with content, access and gratitude.

IMPORTANT PAYMENT INFO: When you join this VIP club, you are charged up front for your entire first calendar month of patronage, regardless of which day in the month you pledge. For example, if you pledge $10 on March 14, you'll be charged $10 upfront, and then charged $10 again for the next month on April 1. You will then continue to be charged on the first day of each month that follows (provided you decide to continue supporting me, of course - you can cancel at any time!) Take a look at this page which explains in detail how the payment system works. The last thing I want is for anyone to feel surprised or blindsided by payments being taken! :)

IMPORTANT FOOTNOTE: Patreon is not the only way to support me! Buying my books is 100% support. There are also countless ways to back me that don't involve cash-money. When you recommend or review one of my books, or subscribe to my YouTube channel/newsletters, or even follow me on Twitter or Instagram, that's all wonderful support. You are no less of a fan for not supporting me on Patreon!

Any further questions or feedback? Benefits you'd like to see, but which just aren't there? Any concerns or worries or annoyances that are preventing you from joining? Drop me a line via my site. Thanks for reading and I look forward to welcoming you to this cult.


Club, club, club.

42 of 50 patrons
Woo, 50 is a very satisfyingly round number, yes? To celebrate hitting this goal, I'll transform my first ever published short story, Home, into a PDF and send it directly to all patrons. This gory tale was published in the loooong-out-of-print collection Deadly Strangers, back in 1994!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 93 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 93 exclusive posts

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