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About Jason Bayton

I've been writing online since 2009, when I founded bayton.org.

In 2017 I launched documentation as a means of taking the guides and articles I've historically written as blog posts and presenting them in a way that makes far more sense - with contents, versioning and frequent updates all included. I'm particularly focusing on modern Android management (Android Enterprise) but also cover wider Enterprise Mobility, Linux, self-hosting, virtualisation, and more.

I don't advertise on my website, and while I certainly could, with the prevalence of ad-block it seems like more effort than it's worth, instead I'd prefer to concentrate of creating engaging documentation, videos and presentations.

A Patreon pledge would benefit me in a few ways:

  • The ability to prioritise writing over other potential sources of income and to write more because of this
  • Covering the modest hosting costs and ad-campaigns I run
  • Direct feedback over topics of interest between you and I, to make articles more relevant
  • The ability to fund device testing and not rely on OEM loans

There could also be scope for more benefits too that I haven't yet considered (suggestions welcome).

If you ever have or ever feel you will benefit from my writing and want to contribute, either to say "thanks" or voice an opinion on the topics I should be covering, a Patreon pledge can do both.

Thank you!