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About JasonDMore

Hey! What’s going on Patrons?! :)

I’m Jason Dmore, aspiring musician and entertainer brought you from the streets of Flatbush, Brooklyn! Since a very young age, I’ve had a heartfelt passion for singing and entertaining. My life-long dream is becoming a fully independent artist and I would be greatly honored and humbled to count on your amazing love and support in making my dream possible. I am extremely eager and excited to launch fantastic music content, share videos and stories of my wonderful journey and experiences all while making one-on-one connections with YOU my Patreon supporters! ❤️

My goal with the money raised is to professionally produce songs and music videos as well as pay for advertising to build my brand awareness. I have a yearning desire to make history with EDM/HIPHOP and become Ambassador for XRP cryptocurrency as well as other wonderful projects and surprises you’ll be the first to hear of and find out!!!
So hush hush 🤐 Let's keep this between us...😉
Become an insider for exclusive access to my JDM HOP 2020 Movement! 
Join and stay tuned for D'MORE!!! 

$9 of $5,000 per creation
Thank you Patreon Supporters!! I can't wait to meet you all and celebrate in person! As a perk for helping me reach this goal, I'm gonna throw an exclusive VIP party for all my Patreon supporters, pop champagne with everyone and have an absolute blast celebrating! I'll perform and sing my music including my new releases and meet each and every one of you, take selfies, get loud and have an amazing time!
Don't miss out... Let's make it happen!!! :)

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