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I cannot believe I did it. I quit my career job in the IT world that had no windows, no relief and no end in sight. I was tired of living the nightmare we all live. Waking up early every day and rushing to be at a place we don't want to be at. I lived with anxiety most of my adult life. Every morning I'd wake up questioning myself, "should I go to work, it's a beautiful day and I'd rather be outdoors exploring, hiking or traveling somewhere. Well, just like my father always said "it's not going to jump out on you!" meaning opportunity doesn't find you, you find it. Now, I'm here making things happen. I sold everything I owned and used what money I had to get where I'm at today. My funds have deplenished and I need your support to further my content. Becoming a Patreon will mean so much to me. Every little bit helps. Thank you

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