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Hi, I'm Jasper, and I do art in various forms of media from digital to colored pencils, to painting. In the past I've done sculpture and costume work as well, but lately I've really only had the room for digital art. I can take a while to complete art, so pledges will only be charged upon completion of an image. Images that count towards this are non-commissions, and won't be personal work with my my OCs unless patrons show interest in OC pieces. I'm a big fan of monsters in general, DnD, folklore, Ōkami, Pokémon, and the list goes on. I'll try to do fanart polls quarterly at the very least, alongside polls for general print material.

I've been wanting to make a career out of my art for some time now, however I've found that college is far from the place for me. Having a source of income for whenever I finish a piece of fanart or an illustration for printing would go a long way, and every little bit is appreciated. Being a trans guy there's several surgeries I'm looking into that'd help me achieve peace of mind with my body image, and I anticipate insurance flat out refusing to cover most of it. Any money I can make to help offset the costs is greatly beneficial.

This page currently bills per creation, but if I start getting into a groove of posting multiple patreon pieces per month I will switch it to monthly. 

Discord bonuses for pledge tiers may be a bit wonky, and server still in the works, but can be joined here: https://discord.gg/UR4dxzm
For NSFW content please see my SubscribeStar page.
$0 of $20 per print
At $20 per creation I'll be able to take over Picarto premium payments, which are currently taken care of by my dad most of the time, and change the payment set up to begin building up my own credit. Upon hitting this goal I'll start making patron exclusive time lapse videos that include the entire process of the pieces posted, rather than starting with the lineart, as well as being slower than the videos I post publicly.
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