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I'm J.A. Sutherland, science fiction and fantasy author, and creator of the Alexis Carew series - space opera with a very Age of Sail feel to it. They say never to go full-Hornblower, but I went full-Hornblower.

I'm also the author of a spin-off series in the Alexis Carew Universe, Spacer, Smuggler, Pirate, Spy, and the Dark Runs series of near-Earth, near-Time space opera. As Richard Grantham, I write the darker, bloodier, more violent Steampunk adventure Dark Artifice.

Alexis Carew
Into the Dark
The Little Ships
HMS Nightingale
The Queen's Pardon
untitled (forthcoming)

Spacer, Smuggler, Pirate, Spy
Pirate (forthcoming)
Spy (forthcoming)

Dark Runs
Running Start
Running Scared 
Running on Empty (forthcoming)

Dark Artifice (writing as Richard Grantham)
Of Dubious Intent
A Profound Realization (forthcoming)

I firmly believe that these are the best of times to be an author -- or any creative, for that matter. The accessibility of tools and platforms allows us to get our work in front of more readers and viewers faster and easier than ever before in history. The gatekeepers of the past, who might have looked askance at a story, even in science fiction, where the method of FTL travel is glowing blue sails that must be worked by hand, have less and less power every day, allowing stories like mine to reach the audience of wonderful readers that I've found.

I believe, also, that these are the best of times for consumers of the arts. Not only do we have access to incredibly niche content, but, like the de Medici of old, we have the opportunity to act as patrons of those arts.

Your Patreon support won't affect whether I keep writing these stories or not -- I make a good living as a computer programmer in the day job and the book sales themselves are going well -- but it will hasten the day when I can quit that day job and move to writing full time. That will mean more stories, faster, and more opportunities for me to engage in writing-related things like cons and the presentations I give at high schools to encourage young authors.

In addition to the benefits listed in the patronage tiers, I'll posting some additional content here from time to time, including:

  • Essays on the Alexis Carew universe
  • Essays on writing
  • Posts on con travel
  • My search for an RV (buy or build) in preparation for the full-time writing gig
  • Sample chapters from works in progress
  • Short stories and other work
  • My wife and I are starting a 501(c)3 for her to train service dogs, so there'll probably be some posts about that

There might even be t-shirts.

The best way to support any artist is to consume their work, so if you're a reader of my stories, you already support my art in the best way possible -- you could leave a review or two, too, as that's always appreciated. :) So if Patreon isn't your thing, that's cool -- please keep reading and I'll keep writing and we'll follow the journeys of these characters together.

If you see a support tier that sounds interesting to you, though, and want to grab your place in the New London Navy, then come along and let's have some fun!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 51 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 51 exclusive posts

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