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About JaWoodle

Who am I?

I am a normal Australian guy who loves VIDEO GAMES, and loves to share that passion with others. I create comedy Let's Play Gameplay videos on YouTube.
Whether it's laughing at my own terrible skills or taking off on a massive rage filled uncensored tirade, there's ALWAYS something to make you laugh!

What is Patreon?

Patreon is the easiest and most direct way to support me in my quest to make higher quality and even funnier content for you to enjoy. If you're able to, consider supporting me with as little as ONE DOLLAR A MONTH (or more if you can) and I will continue to force my brand of humour into your eye-holes and ear-balls.

I created this Patreon because the YouTube's AI seems to really have it out for me, and has been removing my ability to monetise at an alarming rate. With the new ad-friendly guidelines I find myself skirting that demonetization line pretty regularly. With your backing through Patreon, I can continue to make the same content I love to make... that YOU love me to make!

I am already over the moon that you watch my videos; that is amazing! But if you feel like going the extra mile and contributing more then I will put it straight back into making more and better videos just for you!

Thank you so much!
<3 JaWoodle
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