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About Jawsum

Hey, Jaws here! 
I'm the creator "Witchcraft" - a web comic about Fortuna, the naive witch in search of true love. The purpose of this patreon is to support said comic - as well as side projects and future projects.

With a bachelor degree in animation and my passion for drawing, I have everything but the funds to support my ideas.
Making a comic is extremely time consuming and that's why I hope Patreon will help support this goal!

Jaws, that's great and all, but what will I get?

Well I'm glad you ask, because I'd love to give something back for the kind gesture and support.
  • Every month will consist of at least 1  Patreon exclusive update for the 3$ tiers and up. But I will also make Patreon exclusive posts containing sketches for all tiers. Illustrations and other rewards will be sent out at the beginning of every month, as soon as payment has gone through. 
The art can contain fan art and original art. Since this Patreon is mainly for my comics and projects, it will contain a lot of goodies like behind the scenes work, process gifs, character sheets, exclusive previews etc.
  • Occasionally I will also take suggestions from the patrons and create polls for you to vote on. 
  • My patrons will always be first in line for commissions as well! 
For more examples of my work: Jawsum.com

All of this sounds swell and dandy, but I'm not completely sold yet. Got anything else?

As mentioned in the beginning, I'd like to create side projects alongside "Witchcraft". Some of these projects will be short comics or illustrated stories. Other than that I'm making Patreon exclusive art and even sharing personal photos and writing letters.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

$152 of $500 per month
With this monthly support, I can relax a little and focus way more on my own art than before. This means more art for you guys and a more stable income for me - win win!
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