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About Jay Echo

Welcome to my Patreon. I'm JayEcho.
I draw a little bit of everything and I'm trying to make money for something!

Like I mentioned, My name is Jay "JayEcho" Echols. I draw various kinds of art and try to make a little of pretty decent. Main things I dig drawing are Anthros, Character Designs, and Game Assets. I'm really excited about delving into concept art and comic art.

For the time I've been on the scene making artwork though, it's discouraging kind of hoping that people see my art some day to actually spend money on me when I need to do commissions. Learning about Patreon gave me the excellent idea of trying to make something actually fruitful with the assurance of consistent compensation. As much as passion is capable of making great stuff come to be, you unfortunately can't eat and save up for stuff with just that.

So this where you guys come into play. Helping me out here gives me so much confidence and ability to invest  time into creating projects that would otherwise interfere with my life. Things like learning to make games and comics for you guys can all be possible when I know for sure someone wants them.

So welcome~!

As a patron I commit my efforts to providing my work to you guys in a exclusive manner. Many of you will receive personalized artwork from me, preview shots of my work, and even at some point an influence of what even comes into fruition for some projects as well. Best of all when I can work on some comics in time, You guys will be the first to see it for a while~

I'm super open to more suggestions like CYOAs, YCHs, and more!

Big thing I'm doing especially, Monday streams! Once I get used to it I'll have a specific time I'm comfortable with. For now, the important part is that it's happening. So i'll see you soon and I'll make regular posts on what time the stream will be. So see you there~! Here's the link!

Other than that folks, I'm just a dude tryign to make it happen. You guys are a tremendous factor in helping me out and I appreciate you so much. Love you all and as usual manner calls for...

$37 of $60 per month
[UPDATE: 7/21/16]
After doing some math I've deduced that I can efficiently do scheduled streams every week for about 6 hours without a problem! :D
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