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About jaye

I'm a creative person with a lot of different interests, and I'm always making new and varied things. Most of my projects are hosted on Palace of Nero, my personal website, and this includes poetry, flash fiction, artwork, photography, madlibs, games, and more! I intend to continue flooding it with content that people will be able to enjoy for free, so I hope to get your support.

CYOAs are one thing that I make a lot of, and am working on many more ideas for. They're hosted on reddit as well as on my website. CYOA stands for 'Choose Your Own Adventure', and refers to a type of choice based image game. I write the worlds and characters myself, and I format the images myself, but this is a very time consuming process that sometimes involves upwards of 10,000 words and a lot of hours spent in an image editor.

If you've played and enjoyed my CYOAs, or anything else I've created, I would greatly appreciate it if you became a patron. I'm not going to promise exclusive benefits or anything, because I believe strongly in keeping everything as accessible to everyone as possible, but it would really help me a lot. If you can't afford a monthly donation, you can give a one time gift on Ko-fi instead.
Thank you! :)

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