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I have a passion for preserving, creating and reverse-engineering soft- and hardware. Most of my limited free time is spend improving open-source projects either by code contributions, code review or general documentation and support.

In the past I've contributed to emulation projects such as XQEMU (Xbox emulator) and Citra (3DS emulator). I've also worked on Lindbergh emulation / Multiboots in the past, created a Chihiro Game Loader for the original Xbox, reverse engineered WhatsApp and had many more similar projects.

I've started this Patreon so people can show appreciation and support me in what I do. The money I receive will either be forwarded to other good projects (such as the Patreons I support, Wikipedia, etc.), other developers I'm working with or pay for my expenses (food, rent and most importantly, new hard- and software etc.).

Click here for my developer profile on GitHub

Response times can vary - I usually don't check for comments and messages on Patreon.
For more contact options, see http://jannikvogel.de/ (Instant messaging is usually preferred).
$154 of $250 per month
Your donations show that my work is appreciated!

This money is used to pay for required tools and covers my donations to other projects.
Keep going, so I can turn this hobby into a stable source of income.
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