Jay Frosting is creating Funny Videos

$1 /creation

Outtakes and things!

Get access to the Patron Feed and see things like outtake videos and behind-the-scenes whatnots.

$2 /creation

Tote Bag!

Be totally stylish in the supermarket checkout with this cotton canvas bag, measuring 15" X 16" X 3".
Plus the Outtakes and things!

$4 /creation

Celebrity Crush!

All the Outtakes and things, plus tell me which celebrity you want me to keep a close eye on. I will always report on them for you in Them Weekly.

$7 /creation

Celebrity Collage Postcard!

I will cut out people from a tabloid and make a unique (and probably irreverent) collage on a postcard, and send it to you every month!

$10 /creation


Damn. You're seriously awesome. Let's get together once a month over Google+ Hangouts (or whatever the new hotness is) and just chat and be friends.