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Join us on the show in-person or via Skype if out of the local area.  Maybe someday we will have a t-shirt to give you as well?!




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About Jay Jack Uncensored

We love to have open, honest, and sometimes vulgar conversations about life, BJJ and MMA.  We have a pretty bare-bones setup, and any extra help to put toward bandwidth costs and replacing equipment will help keep the podcast growing!

Since it's not likely, with our vulgar content, that we will get show sponsors, and there's no friggin way we are going to change for sponsors, we would like to give the individual listener the opportunity to sponsor us. That's right, even $1 here and there would help greatly! We would love to do more shows, add a live video stream, but this will take equipment we do not have yet. Patreon is an awesome site that allows this to happen. Please give a little if you like what we're doing. Thank you!
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We would love to be able to offer the podcast live with video each week and during live, remote podcasts!
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