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More information about me can be found on my LinkedIn account:

'The main aim for J.Belenger as a musician has always been to work on behalf of European civilization and White People's survival. He wishes to focus his artistic potential towards this direction. One of his ambitions would be to become an inspiration to other future musicians for them to create their own musical vision. J.Belenger is self-motivating and very committed, working tirelessly in pursue of these artistic goals. He continues working in spite of all logistic odds being against him.

J.Belenger's main influences are mostly concentrated in long-gone musical eras, mostly from the 1960s to the 1980s. He has specialized in styles such as psychedelic rock, classic hard rock, classic heavy metal, darkwave and new wave. In recent years is has been exploring more contemporary styles such as neofolk, darkfolk and his own blend of soundtrack music, ambient music and neo-classical music he calls 'Dark Age'.

On this particular respect J.Belenger wishes to continue collaborating with documentary projects when his music might be required.'
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My primary goal as an artist is to fight against White Genocide. I have also collaborated as a soundtrack-musician for documentaries on historical revisionism, for instance the Hellstorm documentary by Kyle Hunt and Eisenhower's Rhine-Meadows Death Camps by Justice4Germans. I intend to keep doing so with some of my future releases.
I'm also writing articles for the Renegade Tribune. You can find all my articles here.
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