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About Jeremy Bernal

Who is JB?
HI, I'm Jeremy Bernal (aka JB) and I've been illustrating professionally since the 90s, with a background in traditional animation and airbrush. I'm going to keep doing what I do best --drawing pinup stuff of hot bunny chicks in compromising adult situations, usually while partially dressed in killer lingerie. Maybe I'll draw some hot not-furry chicks as well. My normal production is 3-4 full illustrations per month. You can get it here, or at, or both, if you really like the art that much. Here, I'll add extra stuff you can't get there, like layered PSD files, special sketches, etc. Be sure to check out the different reward levels and find one that you like.

I keep a 6-month rolling archive of my high-res work here on Patreon/Dropbox, and all of my web-res work should be available here in the older posts since early 2018 or so. For older content I have art packs available at be sure to check them out.

I'll use the revenues from this here gallery to help fund side projects like my GunBunny game --check out -- and whatever else I can come up with.

What do you get for your patronage? Here's the deal:
  • Pledges are processed instantly here; this means you will have instant access to the latest batch of stuff. I post web-resolution art and sketches here in the Patron posts, and all the larger files like videos and PSDs can be accessed by dropbox links sent via PM.
  • Because most of the art packs end up being around 2GB in size (large, layer-heavy PSD files), I only have so much room on dropbox so I must clear it out every couple of months. So the high-res stuff is up for a limited-time only. If you would like to purchase past-months' art packs, please visit If you want access to 15+ years of my past stuff, please check out
  • High-resolution and higher tiers get to vote on which sketches I will complete in full color.
  • Dropbox links go out via PM here on Patreon, I send them out as I get color works completed. If you do not receive a dropbox link please contact me and I'll get you sorted out ASAP.
  • Everyone, even the $1 tier Patrons, get access to the Discord server (directions here) which is a good place to see sketches, works-in-progress, make comments and suggestions, chat with other folks, get stream notifications, share ideas, and generally conspire.

About the WHEEL:
  • I do my brainstorming with help from the fans, by streaming my sketch sessions at Picarto.TV. The public shouts out ideas which go on the WHEEL, and it spins, and I draw what it commands. Every session, the WHEEL is cleared out, so it's first-come-first-served.
  • Conspiracy Room Patrons' picks are kept on the wheel. At the start of the sketch session, a Patron-only spin is made. This ensures that at least one Patron sketch is made per sketch session.
  • Each of the Conspiracy Room Patrons gets two permanent WHEEL picks.
  • You may choose the same thing twice, or choose another person's suggestion if you like it, to increase the odds that that idea is drawn.
  • Rules on OCs: You can add an OC to the WHEEL provided that it (a) is not a commercial character derivative (ie: Ponies, Starfox, etc), (b) appears with one of my characters, and (c) you are ok with it if it goes on to become a full illustration for use here and on my other sites.

I am allowing you access to my work with the understanding that you will not spam it all over the internet for free; please respect this request, as my art is how I pay my bills and feed my family. I have plenty of free gallery material at the following locations which you may share and repost as much as you want:
72% complete
If I reach this point, I can hire an assistant to do boring day to day stuff for me so I can spend more time on making MORE ART for you folks!!!
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