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    About jcube

    Mood and emotions are important
    Ur response to life
    Savor with this,
    Irresistible sound, no matter what it is
    Can you do it? ;)

    Excuse my amateur poem :P
    I said it because my music creations are mostly reflections of various feelings and I remember moments along with music so it helps taking me back to those good and bad moments for nostalgia.
    Some are inspired by my favorite songs so I hope that they are not plagiarized.  If so, please let me know without any hesitations.
    I'm also a fan of game music, so hopefully, I can release or come out with some cool remixes or improvised versions of them!!

    Most importantly..
    as long as you can enjoy them.. they are FREE to listen!!!
    However, supports always help maintaining good work :)

    Feel free to throw any questions, perhaps I have gloves for them, but I still always try without gloves!
    and Thank you for your time!! :D
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    I'll support others nearby me those who could use some help!
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