is creating Illustrations and murals
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Slap Pack
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3 hand-drawn slaps. Two 'Dalty' and One of your name.  Slaps measure 4"x5.5" Each month you will receive the above and will always be different. 

Sketchbook w/sketch inside
per month

Receive a new sketchbook with a sketch inside of your name every month. Sketchbook size / format may vary, but will always be a sketchbook I recommend.  Included is the previous tier.




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About Jdalty

What's up guys?! Thank you for your support. Since I got my hands on my first can of rusto in 2nd or 3rd grade I have not been able to stop coloring. Coloring turned into drawing, and drawing turned into lettering.

With my deep roots in hip hop and life-long interest in graffiti, I have finally reached a point where I want to draw full time. In order to make this my full time gig, I need to improve. I am happy with what I am capable of now, but am motivated to push my own limits. 

With your help, I can draw more and improve at a rapid pace. In return, I would those who appreciate what I do to own their own pieces made entirely by me. See how you can help and receive some goodies along the way.

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