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About John A. De Goes

Hello everyone!

I'm John A. De Goes—entrepreneur, open source contributor, speaker, author, and functional programming fanboy.

I am on Patreon because I want to help you become better at the following:

  • Functional Programming. Functional programming doesn't have to be hard, esoteric, or niche. It's something that can change your life, turbocharge your career, and change the world. Whether new to functional programming or experienced, there's always new powerful concepts to learn and useful skills to develop.
  • Career Development. For too many people, their career is something that happens to them. But you have a choice: with proper support, you can choose more interesting work, a higher salary, part time status, different responsibilities, the flexibility to work from wherever you want, or starting your own company.
  • Public Speaking & Writing. Doing interesting work for your company or in the open source ecosystem is not enough—you have to be able to effectively connect with your audience and show them why what you're doing is important. Effective communication can unlock a world of new opportunities for you.
  • Open Source Contribution. Github has become more than a tool for collaboration: it's become way for developers to transform the world by building useful software; a way to develop and showcase skills that lead to jobs; and a way to cultivate a valuable network. Contributing can bring you great satisfaction and give your career an edge.
  • Functional Library Design. It's difficult to design functional libraries that are principled, language-idiomatic, and that effectively use the techniques and concepts of functional programming without scaring away beginners. If you know how, you can show your coworkers or the world the practical power of functional programming.
  • Personal Development. Personal issues, including negativity, corporate or open source politics, lack of time, lack of energy or motivation, relationship troubles, and more all present obstacles to professional development. Yet they are only obstacles, and with support, you can achieve your professional goals on your own terms.

I have developed a range of tiers on Patreon that all help you become the programmer and the person you want to become.

My different Patreon tiers include combinations of the following benefits:

  • Newsletter (Functor & Higher). In a regular newsletter, available exclusively to Patreon supporters, I teach one topic in functional programming, and share insights related to personal or professional development. You can also find my upcoming schedule of public trainings, private trainings for Patreon supporters, and events that I'm participating in around the world (including where you live!).
  • Private Discord Community (Applicative & Higher). In a private Discord, you can find help and support from other Patreon supporters, as well as personal answers from me to questions about functional programming and open source development. This intimate community is just the positive peer pressure you need to achieve your professional development goals!
  • Free Public Trainings (Spartan Only). About 8 times a year, I do trainings that are open to the public. These trainings cover topics in functional programming, Scala, and async and concurrent programming. As a Patreon supporter, you get free remote attendance to all of these trainings, which is valued at more than $10,000 USD! If you want to attend in person, you also get a hefty discount of 30%. The public trainings are recorded (for up to 90 days) so you can generally catch the last one or two on signup!
  • Weekly Trainings (Spartan Only). For the ultimate in personal and professional development, the Spartan tier includes weekly private trainings that cover a range of topics in functional programming, functional API design, performance optimization, and much more. This is the fastest way to become functional programmer of extraordinary power. The weekly trainings are recorded (for up to 90 days) so you can generally catch up on the current session!
  • Office Hours (Spartan Only). Whether you want private tutoring in functional programming, help designing a functional library, advice for a problem at work, speaker coaching, or help with a presentation or blog post, I host weekly office hours to help you improve your knowledge, skills, and career.
  • Hack Days (Spartan Only). Ever wonder how the sausage is made? Dive behind the scenes, and learn by watching me live-code and talk through the development of new open source technologies.
  • Private Support on WhatsApp (Spartan Only). If you have an emergency situation or a question of a personal nature, you can always reach out to me on my personal phone over WhatsApp, no matter where I am or what I'm doing at the moment.

Not only will your Patreon support help you achieve your personal and professional goals, but it will also help support my ongoing efforts to improve the way we write software. Thanks to a growing network of Patreon supporters, I am able to write free blog posts, speak at meetups and conferences, and devote significant time to open source development.

If you want my personal help and coaching, and you want to become a part of my own journey of spreading functional programming through education and open source development, then I encourage you to pick a tier on Patreon that meets own personal needs.

Working together, I will help you achieve the goals you have for your career and for your life, as well as help bring techniques and solutions from functional programming into mainstream—in a way the world has never seen before.

Functionally Yours,

John A. De Goes
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