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About The Multimedia Home of JD Moores

" assured that when you pay to see MY content here on Patreon,
it will be my content..."
I'm JD Moores and welcome to my Patreon page. Though I'm mostly a published and award-winning writer/screenwriter, I grew up learning to draw and paint in a variety of mediums and have valuable experience in film and video production. Here, you'll have early and exclusive access to my work in a variety of forms, including videos, screenplay and book samples, and personal and conceptual visual art. You'll also be helping to fuel a slightly more ambitious endeavor meant to empower myself by hopefully empowering others like me in my region and its filmmaking community via a simple plan with accessible resources.

A vast majority of what we see in movie theaters and on TV is made and/or owned and managed by people in California because that's where the studios are, making sure content is properly produced and marketed so that audience spending on tickets, merchandise, etc., combines with outside investments to start the cycle over and over again. That's why at least half of the funds earned here will go towards establishing Woodlane Intertainment, which is conceived as a small-scale brand under which to recruit and organize talented people and their work in a region (mine at first). Starting with a web series I'm planning and perhaps a short film or other production from elsewhere in my community, Woodlane will strategically apply otherwise commonly used tools online for distribution, promotion, and customized merchandising to the creation of commercial synergy. If successful, the long-term creation of even small jobs and opportunities on productions of increasing quality and scale - aided by the potentially global audience on venues like YouTube, Vimeo, and others - could not only grow the brand, but hopefully keep more talent in this region and justify public and private investment in new infrastructure and much-needed incentives. 

If all of this sounds crazy coming from one disabled individual, understand that if something is ever going to change, someone has to start somewherem regardless of odds or risk. If successful, expansion of Woodlane to help and represent other regions and their talent would be ideal. That said, rest assured that when you pay to see MY content here on Patreon, it will be my content and nobody else's (unless they're part of a video's crew, etc.). For help in deciding whether to join, please visit and to learn more about me, my work, and plans for Woodlane Intertainment (part of Woodlane Enterprises, LLC). 
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(Subject to Change) At this point, I hope to start looking for another local producer and begin basic pre-production on the PILOTS' LOUNGE web series - or, at least, the 2 part "pilot" episode(s) which will hopefully be produced in the Fall or early Winter of 2019.
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