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Sunset appreciator. Hopeless platonic. Unapologetic tenderqueer. Fearmonger. Lyricist. Brave sparrow. Young adult college dropout. Industry professional. Director of Possum Creek Games. Summer camp counselor. Surprisingly secretive. Resident expert on the 16th Major Arcana. Summoner of small and forgotten gods. Ragamuffin. Tatterdemalion. Game designer and Kickstarter project manager in the Hudson Valley, on unceded Esopus Munsee land.

Ask about my pronouns!
Jay writes from the heart, and with a keen observational eye on the well-being of other's hearts. From the incredibly poignant and highly personal micro-game experiences in Games for Tomorrow to the longer and multiplayer summer-camp horror game Sleepaway, I feel like I'm always being carefully encouraged to face hard things, do important things, have a good time, and scare the crap out of myself. Jay's games give people space in the middle to find out who they are and what truly matters to them.
Meguey Baker, Night Sky Games
Jay Dragon is an upcoming designer whose caring perspective and unique experiences have led them to designing games that are immersive and flavorful, and that take underexplored mechanics and bring them to light alongside new and interesting ways to play. Jay's Sleepaway is a can't-miss-it horror game that will hold your hand through the fear and that is just this brilliant designer getting started.
Brie Beau Sheldon, Thoughty
Jay Dragon writes living lyrical words about living through/within trauma at the intersection where poetry and ludism become impossible to disentangle while simultaneously opening charmed circles for exploring queerness. If every game is an invitation, Jamie requests that you interrogate where you are and how you arrived there and where you are going. Sometimes it is more of a Jean Genet vibe (specifically the Flower Court which is the ruthless queer coded villainy and backstabbing and romance I've needed all my life). Regardless, their work is innovative and free spirited and always a joy to interact with.
Fiona Maeve Geist, Indie Darling & coiner of 📀🐴
Boundless beauty and delights await you in Jay's games. And if you're lucky, they might make you cry.
Adira Slattery, Lyric Designer and Zinester
Interview with Jay Dragon: Five Or So Questions on Sleepaway, by Brie Beau Sheldon.
Interview with Jay Dragon and Sisi Jiang: Tips For Marketing Your Queer Narrative Indie Game, by Dave Pickett.
Podcast with Jay Dragon and Riley Rethal: Game Closet episode 62.
Actual Play with Jay Dragon, Brennan Lee Mulligan, and Jeeyon Shim for the Wickedness Kickstarter.

Check out my published games on Itch!

Sleepaway on Kickstarter.
Venture & Dungeon on Kickstarter.
Wanderhome on Kickstarter.
Stretch goal for The Treasure At The End Of This Dungeon Is An Escape From This Dungeon And We Will Never Escape From This Dungeon.
Lyrical works have been assigned as reading in undergraduate courses.
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At $800 a month I'll be able to survive mainly off of Patreon, giving me even more time to focus on all of you and give you as much content as you all deserve.
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