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About GF Corner

Good Day GFL Players!

I'm JDY204 and since 2018 I've been creating guides on Blogger pages [Now part of GFL Corner team!] varying from S-Rank Gold Medal Walkthroughs to season major campaign guides in a mobile game called Girls' Frontline where I spend my time presenting solutions to the ever-increasingly difficult of maps as story progresses. In my downtime where I am not writing guides, I am often preparing for the major campaign expansions for the future contents, helping out new players in GFL Official Discord help channel, or answering questions in Reddit.

Thanks to players being enthusiastic about the game and appreciative of content that is being created, now a large number of people visit GFL Corner site daily. Now with unofficial comment from game developers mentioning that all servers of Girls' Frontline will be eventually synchronized in progression in the future, there are going to be lot more content to be covered and I am very excited to bring you those guides so that everyone can enjoy the game without being frustrated.

While this is great news, creating content that needs to be created can be overbearing for an single individual, and guides takes time and lots of efforts to come out to the quality that is acceptable to players and myself. I would also like to branch out to different formats in which I can show my guides not just in blog posts but in highly polished video guides and cover more essential topics that will be relevant to your game play. This is why I am asking for your help recruiting talented individuals under one banner.

What is Patreon and how does it help?

Patreon is a subscription system that allows you to donate a small amount to me each month to support us in what we do. By doing this you help me to hire people with video editing skills, additional writers to the site, and potentially moving away from Blogger model and allow me to put more thought and effort into my content by increasing freedom in content creation. It'll help me focus more on the content creation and make sure that it is up to standard that I can be happy with. Lastly staffs at GFC might be able to have some snacks while typing away for hours at end creating draft for the guides that is getting longer by the chapter.


Patreon provide us the ability to set goals and targets for funding, but I am not a fan of these because any target I set would be subject to the Blog that just got off from its start and I would not want to break a promise to you guys. So the few goals that I have and will set will be only those that I know are realistic. In some cases I may find that I can implement these goals before they are reached since I will work a lot of spare room into these to make sure they are not unfeasible.

Currently we have a goal of creating YouTube Channel for video guides of content we have on GF Corner website and future plans for hiring translators to make sure that I can reach more individuals around the world and have ease of access, however that doesn't have to be the only goal. Feel free to make suggestions!


You can pledge at any tier you like and cancel at any time! Rewards are listed below and all of them come with my most heartfelt thanks for supporting me and my work.
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By moving towards a sustainable model I can reliably seek and pay for skilled content creators that will bring high quality content to the GFC site. Not just satisfied with guides and YouTube videos, we are looking to increase our reach to different medium and more! 
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