Amanda Jean and Austin Chant are creating Podcasts

$1 /mo
You get access to bloopers, cut content, and other miscellany we rustle up (our goal is one item of bonus content per month, in addition to regular podcast production).

And of course there...

$5 /mo
You get access to bloopers, cut content, and anything else, but you also get a shout-out on the podcast (if you want it). Neat, right?

You'll also be able to bask in the knowledge that you'r...

$10 /mo
Not only do you have access to the usual (bloopers, cut content, a shout-out on the podcast, and whatever else we post), you can also request a 10-minute (or more; we talk a lot) audio clip on the ...

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$20 /mo
Why are you the best person who walks the earth??? You get everything as above and also a Skype (or Gchat, or whatever) conversation with the hosts, if for some bizarre reason that's something you'...