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About Jeanette Powers Dandylion Riot Poetry

I am Jeanette Powers, a non-binary queer artist and working-class anarchist, and I am spending 2020 on a US poetry tour and communal living investigation. Starting on Dec 23, 2019, I am traveling to Iceland for a five-week residency and then returning to the US for a show of my visual arts in Kansas City, MO (also my hometown!) before heading south for the rest of winter. And then heading east, then north, then west, then south ... you get the idea. The idea is to be an explorer of the land of my birth, and to find connections.

This 2020 vision is called Dandylion Riot. Because artists are dandelions! Because one can pave the entire world with concrete and dandelions will crack the gray stone and poke their green shoots toward the sun, they will bloom and seed, we will wish on their wispy parachutes, and they will grow everywhere. Nothing can stop this tenacious weed, and nothing can stop artists, either. And I also riot, because the world is on a trajectory of dehumanization and we need to shake ourselves up and shake off the habits of our self-destructive ways.

Follow me through this epic journey of self-discovery and adventure, featuring my great loves: poetry in the round, swimming in rivers, (or kayaking!), humming along with folk music, sleeping under the stars, abandoning habitual behaviors, de-colonizing the mind and investigating the deep inner space that one must face in life. I will be sharing essays and video on travel, mental health, art and poetry; also my drawings and poems that grow along the way.
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This entire year and tour is all about reaching folks who are interested in self-discovery, healing from trauma, engaging with the world, shaking the chains of oppression, and especially those interested in doing it through art, poetry and community.

When I reach 50 patrons, I'll host a special live show with musical guests available only to my patrons!
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