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About Jean Marie Bauhaus

My name is Jean, and I write fiction. Currently, I'm a full-time freelance web content writer/editor/e-book formatter who writes fiction on the side. What I WANT to be is a fiction writer who occasionally does freelance stuff on the side. That's why I'm here.

What I Write

I mainly write novels that would fall best under the genres of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and dark/dystopian fantasy. I also write short fiction that ranges from outright horror to romantic steampunk fairytales. Ideas currently percolating in my brain include Lovecraftian-inspired horror, a Jazz-age spiritualist mystery, contemporary romantic comedy and a Weird Western.
I've been compared to authors as diverse as Richard Bachman and Jennifer Crusie. My influences include Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Pamela Ribon, Lani Diane Rich and Joss Whedon. For a quick taste of my writing, you can read my short story Snack Machine, or download a free Kindle copy of my creepypasta-inspired horror novelette, Eucha Falls.

Why Patreon?

Im 2011, I self-published my debut novel, a romantic paranormal mystery called Restless Spirits. Late last year, this book was picked up by Vinspire Publishing, who will be releasing a shiny new edition in October of this year. Vinspire also contracted me to write two more books in this series, the first of which will be released in 2017. I'm HOPING that eventually sales of that series will be enough to boost my other books and to support my fiction writing, but it's going to be at least another year or two before that happens (traditional publishing moves at a snail's pace, in case you're not aware).
Currently, I manage to carve out about 30 minutes to an hour each day to write the books I'm under contract to write--which amounts to about 600-800 words per day, on average. The rest of my work day is devoted to freelance duties. I also run two blogs--my author blog, where I would very much like to write about pop culture and offer writing and publishing advice, and Daydream Believer, an inspirational faith blog where I currently manage to post about two or three encouraging devotionals per month.

With your support, I can cut down on my freelance hours and increase my writing time--which means I'd be able to finish Ghost of a Chance--the first sequel to Restless Spirits--in half the time it's currently taking me. This would in turn mean that I would be able to fit in another planned sequel--the next book in my self-published post-apocalyptic vampire/zombie epic series, Dominion of the Damned--before I have to write the second RS sequel.
If my support goals are met, I'd also be able to make time for the occasional short story, to write the kind of content I want to write for my author blog but never have time to, and to post more regularly to my devotional blog. I also hope to be able to make time to create some online classes--I have a strong desire to teach what I know, but never enough time to do it effectively--and your support would also empower me to follow up on other creative ideas as they come.

What You Get

For as little as a buck a month, you'll get an exclusive first look at every piece of fiction I write. For the time being, this means you'll get to read a rough, lightly edited, serialized version of my current WIP, Ghost of a Chance, at the probable rate of about a chapter a week (feedback on each chapter is welcome and appreciated, but also completely optional). You'll also get access to exclusive short stories, starting with a 900-word horror short entitled The Cellar.
But that's not all! You'll also get exclusive updates on how my projects are going, and the difference your patronage is making in my life.

How This Works

You choose the level at which you want to subscribe to my creative content each month. You'll get access to everything described above for as little as $1 per month. Higher levels of support starting at $5 per month will get extra perks (see below). Whatever level of patronage you choose will be appreciated, and will likely make me do a little dance of joy.
$23 of $300 per creation
If I reach this goal, I'll be able to cut my monthly freelance work by about a third and devote more time each week to writing fiction and other creative pursuits.
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