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About Jeannette de Beauvoir

Welcome to my faintly twisted world!

I write about dark things—hidden secrets and retribution and sometimes murder. I always start with just a spark of an idea, something that demands more attention. I was in Montréal doing research when I came across a list of names of people buried in a graveyard—and saw they all were children. My "how could that be?" led me to write my mystery novel Asylum; I built the whole book—plot and characters—around that one little spark. The curator of a local museum called me in to look at a pair of children's Civil War-era shoes that had been buried in the wall of a house; my "how could that be?" led me to The Deadliest Blessing. If the spark isn't there, for me, the plot won't be, either.

It's a funny way to write. I've never heard of anyone else doing it that way.

I wrote my first novel when I was eight years old. (It was truly, truly terrible.) I wrote another novel when I was ten, and it was marginally better. Ever the optimist, I’ve been working to improve on those performances in the decades since. I’m now a bestselling and award-winning author of mystery and historical fiction, and I love what I do. Not only that, but I know I do it well. (Which is a good thing, since it’s pretty much the only thing I do well!)

Which brings me here. Why do I need patrons? I need them—you—because I need time.

I have many, many stories in me, sparks that I haven't yet developed into anything. I support my writing career with freelance copywriting and editing gigs that absorb the best of my time, energy, and creativity. That leaves the author in me with not much left.

But writing is a business. On the front end, there’s research, travel, meetings. Then there’s writing the book itself, no small thing, which often engenders still more research and meetings. There’s trying to get it reviewed before it’s published; there’s working with the cover designer; there are revisions. And then there’s the whole sales cycle: going on blog tours, traveling to speaking engagements, creating and doing promotional activities, interviews, signings… What we’re talking about, in general, is the equivalent of a 60-hour week. Just on the fringes. That's not even writing time!

I've concluded it's time I spent my time and energy on one career. And you can help, for as little as two dollars a month!

What will you get?

(Everything here will be exclusive to patrons, so if you already subscribe to my newsletter, know that this is new stuff!):
  • your name in the acknowledgments of all future books
  • free advance-reader copy downloads of my books prior to publication date
  • drafts of a work in progress as I write them. (They need to be drafts, because otherwise the stories are considered "published" and I lose First Publication rights.
  • every Monday, an "Everyday Grace" column.
  • every Wednesday a thought du jour.
  • Every Friday a "Fridays Found on the Net" post.
  • every Saturday, an audio chapter of one of my books
  • monthly essay or article
  • pictures of my inspiration, Beckett the cat
  • some random and delightful treats

Here’s what you'll help me do:

  • Write two books a year in the Sydney Riley Provincetown mystery series.
  • Begin my next mystery series, which will involve some travel.
  • Write a few standalones that have been gathering dust in the back of my brain.
  • Write some short stories (even make them into a collection) and get back to having the occasional poem published in a literary journal.
  • Share my work through speaking and teaching opportunities.

So that’s it! Thank you for doing good in the world. You’re not just supporting my writing; you’re supporting Writing with a capital “w,” the creation of something that will outlive us all and maybe even help change the world. I’ve always believed the adage that “if you write the stories for a society, it doesn’t matter who writes the laws.” I’m writing those stories, and you’re writing them along with me. Thank you!

22% complete
I want to quit one of my freelance gigs, because an extra 20 hours/week will make a tremendous difference in my writing productivity and quality. You can help by pledging whatever you can afford... and I'll give you lots of cool stuff in return!

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