Jed Phoenix is creating a sense of tribe with a 21st century Punk vibe


$1 /mo
Privates get our undying gratitude PLUS.....

* Access to Patron only posts

* A monthly vote on the Ask Me Anything poll 

Able Seamen

$5 /mo
Able Seamen get ALL OF THE ABOVE plus....

* Shoutouts on Phoenix Army missions

* A rank badge 

* 5% discount on purchases in the JedPhoenixStyle Etsy shop

Chief Petting Officers

$25 /mo
Chief Petting Officers get ALL OF THE ABOVE plus...

* Sneak peeks of photoshoot images & new designs

* A rank badge & choice of one proficiency badge

* A hand-signed birthd...


Rear Admirals

$50 /mo
Rear Admirals get ALL OF THE ABOVE plus...

* An invitation to be part of the design focus group where you can help shape future product design decisions 

* 15% discount on all Jed Phoenix purchases

Vice Admirals

$100 /mo
Vice Admirals get ALL OF THE ABOVE plus...

* A monthly choice of proficiency badges

* A hand-signed birthday AND Xmas card

* Two prototypes per year, made in your size, so you can ...