is creating games (io, casual, 18+) and 18+ ... stuff (paintings, stories)

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The basic "I kinda like you but maybe not really", it's fine, I kinda might like you too.

  • Discord role "Rare Fawker" and the assigned secret channel
  • Access to WIP of smol game stuff (art, code, footage)
  • Beta access to smol games and their updates (testing, screwing around, breaking stuff and making me miserable)
  • Early access for my monthly word splurge in the comedy erotica genre mostly
  • Access to not so fucked up art that I can barely make
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The extended version of my non-gay love for you. I will appreciate your looks but I will not give you sensual pleasure anytime soon.

  • Discord role "Hardcore Fawker" and the designated secret channel where we talk about taking over the world
  • Access to WIP of in-depth game stuff (art, code footage) that won't be shown to the Rare Fawker tier, more explanations and more cool stuff
  • Alpha access to games and their updates, more changes to fuck me over
  • Early access for my monthly word splurge in the comedy erotica genre mostly
  • Access to fucked up art that I try to make 
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I'm an averagely tempered game developer until shit stops working and THEN I GET SO AWESOMELY ANGRY that I throw my mouse in my screen and flip some shit and maybe break my desk again.

I make games along with my woaman which makes art, Frostnight Illustrations, google it, it's nice. My apartment is my office and my pirate cave which hides me from the sun and allows midnight drinks all day long. Never code sober, it's a guideline in our "office". I got a turtle companion which I hope will die soon and a fish army.

I play games and I make games. Coffee is my life's essence, and alcohol keeps the creativity going. I have frequent headaches and I eat a lot of pills with beer. Gets me high, keeps me happy.
Writing a whole lot of offending nothing is my privilege and I usually fiddle around like a bad reputation owner.

I'm usually an utterly impolite opinion user and I can be normal at times too, but why the fuck would I want that?

"Gotta love your completely owning your psychosis. People need to own their flaws, not sweep it under a rug." - Leo LeBlanc
"This is gold" - Jason English
"Someone who didn't get sufficient attention as a child?" - Christopher Golebiowski
"Who ppl think I am, who i really am, what ppl think i do :))" - Joseph Najjar
"I think that Andrei is cool. Everyone else suxxxx D:" - Adrian Mircea
"I like your blog, you actually sound like a interesting dude
PS: Nice body, not enough tongue though" - Diogo Pereira
"10/10 patreon description. I can very much relate to the first statement. My old laptop as evidence. You woaman's art is some quality stuff." - Joshua Sanders

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